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Open Space Division Planning Projects

Current Planning Projects

Alameda Open Space Trailhead Solar Project & Site Plan: The Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority designed a solar-covered parking area at the Alameda Open Space Trailhead to offset energy consumption at the Water Authority's Pump Station that supports Albuquerque’s drinking water. This project was approved with conditions at the Environmental Planning Commission on September 15th, 2022; more information including the application is posted on the EPC's website. The Parks and Recreation Department is also developing a site plan to improve overall amenities and recreation access at Alameda Open Space. A community input meeting occurred Tuesday, September 13th, at the Bachechi Education Center. The project team presented the trailhead redesign to the Environmental Planning Commission and was approved with conditions on November 17th, 2022. This information can also be found on the EPC website listed above.

Tree Nursery Tract and Wildlife Viewing Areas at Candelaria Nature Preserve: Following the approval of the Resource Management Plan for the Candelaria Nature Preserve by City Council in 2021 (see link in Planning Documents section below), planning efforts began for the Rio Grande Tree Nursery and Wildlife Viewing Areas. The Tree Nursery Tract site plan was approved by the Environmental Planning Commission on August 18th, 2022.

Tijeras Creek Cultural Corridor Plan: A multi-jurisdictional interpretive project to enable a sense of interconnectedness and stewardship of the rich cultural and environmental life of the Tijeras Arroyo

West Mesa Trails PlanCreating a comprehensive, multi-use, natural surface trail network on and between City of Albuquerque Open Space properties on the West Mesa. The draft plan is under development and will be posted for the public in the coming months.

San Antonio Oxbow BluffsDesigning and stewarding the San Antonio Oxbow Bluffs and connections to the adjacent bosque. A public meeting was held in November 2022 to present the final design concept.

Elena Gallegos Feasibility Study at Elena Gallegos Open Space:  Study existing conditions, identify needed site improvements, research precedent visitor center projects in the region, analyze affected views and road conditions, evaluate sites for suitability and provide a conceptual site and building program. The Parks & Recreation Department announced that the education center concept is no longer being pursued due to public comment; however, other improvements identified during the process including amenity updates will still be considered.

Hubbell Oxbow Farm Dam Expansion, and Recreation and Public Access Improvements: The Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority (AMAFCA) has proposed an expansion to the existing Hubbell Dam to improve flood control capacity for the greater Albuquerque area. The existing facility is adjacent to Open Space's Hubbell Oxbow Farm, where additional infrastructure and improved recreation and public access are also proposed. Open Space and AMAFCA are soliciting community input via an online survey.

Calabacillas Arroyo Trail Plan: The Calabacillas Arroyo on Albuquerque’s westside presents a great opportunity to increase park and recreation amenities in Northwest Albuquerque and to develop a critical connector trail. The natural arroyos in the northwest mesa have historically been barriers that separate neighborhoods and public facilities. This trail will reverse this condition by establishing the Calabacillas Arroyo as more of a park and recreation asset and a vital part of the City’s transportation infrastructure.

Comments on all Open Space Division projects can be emailed to [email protected].

Planning Documents

Note that only Ranks I & II Plans were carried forward under the City's Integrated Development Ordinance. All other plans are not policy and are for internal guidance only.