Los Candelarias

Los Candelarias Village Center Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (2006, 2010).

A map of the Barelas Metropolitan Redevelopment Area

Goals of Historic Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan include:

  • Partner with private developers for redevelopment of the former El Vado Motel and other nearby structures; in Catalyst Area A, including re-purposing of the El Vado motor court buildings, to promote new housing, retail, or other mixed-use development opportunities;
  • Partner with private developers for redevelopment of Catalyst Area B, to promote new mixed-use development with significant space for community activities outdoors, indoors or both;
  • Facilitate needed streetscape improvements, including wayfinding signs and street furniture;
  • Implement a Façade Improvement Program; and
  • Assist MRA property owners in creating a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district, if desired by the owners.

Download the Los Candelarias Village Center and Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (2006, last amended 2010)