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Barelas Neighborhood Commercial Area Revitalization and Metropolitan Area Plan (1993)

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The goals of Barelas Neighborhood Commercial Area Revitalization Plan include:

  • Elimination of slum, blight, decay and deterioration of the Barelas Commercial area, (South Fourth Street) and residential area;
  • Restoration of the economic, environmental preservation, rehabilitation of surviving structures, functional and esthetic value of the Barelas commercial area;
  • Provision of opportunities for expansion of existing facilities and the introduction of new buildings to retain the symbolic, esthetic qualities of the Barelas area; and
  • Stimulation of private and public participation in the achievement of these goals.

Redevelopment strategies include:

  • Maximum opportunities for rehabilitation of the area by private individuals and businesses through its recommendations regarding loans and grants to small and start-up businesses in the area;
  • On-street parking and off-street parking at entrances, signage, street landscaping and parking lot landscaping to beautify parking lots;
  • Transportation improvements to make Barelas more accessible and bring it closer to its former position as a community crossroad;
  • Improve police protection to eliminate vandalism;
  • Establishment of a Community Development Corporation to establish priorities, carry out implementation activities, including design guidelines, public education, and project monitoring, and seek additional funding in the area;
  • Business recruitment including retail outlets for area manufacturers, new business expansion and local entrepreneurs; and
  • Improve neighborhood housing opportunities through rehabilitation of existing housing and residential infill.

Download the Barelas Neighborhood Commercial Area Revitalization and Metropolitan Area Plan (1993)