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Downtown 2025

Downtown 2025 Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (Adopted 2004).

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The goal of the Downtown 2025 Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan is to make Downtown Albuquerque the best mid-sized downtown in the USA. The strategies in the Plan are:

  • Make Downtown a “pedestrian-first,” “park-once” place with excellent pedestrian, transit and bicycle facilities;
  • Make Downtown New Mexico’s premier pedestrian-oriented “urban place”;
  • Preserve and enhance the character of the neighborhoods which surround Downtown.
  • Have at least 20,000 people living within one mile of the Downtown Core, and 5,000 living within the Downtown Core by 2010;
  • Create Downtown as an exciting “urban retail destination”;
  • Maintain Downtown as New Mexico’s largest employment center and the Region’s Center of Economic Activity;
  • Make Downtown Albuquerque a vibrant, urban 24 hour destination for arts, culture and entertainment;
  • Make Downtown and the Historic District a “Tourist Destination”;
  • Create new parks, open space and plazas that are easily accessible to downtown residents, workers, students and visitors; and
  • Develop, maintain, and market Downtown as if it were a single mixed-use project.

Download the Downtown 2025 Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (Adopted 2004)


This year, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency (MRA) is making significant updates to the existing Downtown Redevelopment Plan to better fit the neighborhood’s changing needs and vision. Public input, events, and information can be found at