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Central/Highland/Upper Nob Hill Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (2003, 2005)

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The Central/Highland/Upper Nob Hill Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan strategies include:

  • Improve the aesthetics, vitality, and public image of the plan area;
  • Encourage the development of a fine-grained mix of pedestrian-oriented land uses, including both residential and commercial;
  • Attract public and private investment to stimulate commercial revitalization;
  • Collaboration between public and private partners that will be entrepreneurial and market driven, with non-profit community based economic development organizations;
  • Attract businesses that compliment and expand the range of existing goods and service;
  • Redevelop or find adaptive re-uses for vacant and underutilized properties;
  • Provide a wide range of viable transportation choices, including high-quality public transit, walking, bicycling, and vehicular systems;
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for residents, businesses, and visitors;
  • Recognize and preserve buildings and areas of architectural and environmental significance;
  • Increase residential density along Central Avenue in the commercial corridor and transition areas in order to promote Central Avenue business revitalization and pedestrian character of the area; and
  • Develop a light rail system that runs along Central that could act as a catalysts for redevelopment in the area.

Download the Central/Highland/Upper Nob Hill Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (2003, last amended 2005)