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East Downtown

East Downtown/Huning Highland/South Martineztown Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (2019).

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The goals of the districts within this area are as follows:

EDo District

Revitalize EDo by creating a multi-modal, live/work and mixed use, walkable district, with placemaking elements that add creative local interest and streetscape improvements, adaptive reuse of older buildings, development of vacant lots within the context and character of the neighborhood, encouraged by incentives for redevelopment.

Huning Highland Neighborhood

Preserve the neighborhood character by protecting existing structures, improving infrastructure and minimizing the negative impact of redevelopment from the EDo District.

South Martineztown Neighborhood

Redevelop the commercial corridors in the South Martineztown Neighborhood as a mixed-use development with new types of affordable housing, expanded pedestrian and bicycle linkages to medical and cultural facilities, Downtown and the University neighborhoods.

The recommendations of this Plan include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Infrastructure upgrades to improve connectivity, walkability, public spaces, drainage and streetscapes;
  • Redevelopment of vacant, underutilized and infill properties;
  • Addition of multi-family housing; and
  • Implementation of TIDD, TIF or other financing tool(s) to benefit the Area

Download the East Downtown/Huning Highlands/South Martineztown Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (2019)