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Soldiers & Sailors

Soldiers and Sailors Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (1985).

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The overall goal for the Soldiers and Sailors Park Metropolitan Redevelopment Area is redevelopment of the area as a vital commercial and residential area which serves the neighborhoods on either side, while establishing the character of this portion of West Central Avenue as an attractive and appropriate entrance to the downtown core.

The following objectives are outlined in the plan:

  • A mixture of land uses, with an emphasis on neighborhood retail, service commercial, and residential uses, is desired. Small-scale office developments contribute to the area, but should not become the predominant use;
  • Projects shall be designed to enhance the distinctive character of Central Avenue in this area as a historic roadway, entry to the downtown, and connector between vital neighborhoods;
  • Commercial activities shall be contained within the appropriate zones along Central Avenue and shall be designed to minimize traffic and parking problems in the residential neighborhoods to either side; and
  • The City shall cooperate with private sector redevelopment activities through programs for the improvement of Soldiers and Sailors Park and Central Avenue.

Download the Soldiers and Sailors Park Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (1985)