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Redevelopment Areas

Learn more about redevelopment projects from the Metroplitan Redevelopment Agency.

There are many Metropolitan Redevelopment Areas in the City of Albuquerque.  Each area has an adopted redevelopment plan that guides the City’s redevelopment strategies.

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MR Areas 2023-2.png

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Requests for MRA Boundary Amendments

Eligible Applicants:  Applicant must be the current property owner or an entity with a fully executed option to purchase the property.

Application Fee: $2,000

Criteria:  The following criteria will be considered:

  1. The property’s current zoning, zoning of surrounding properties and the property’s potential for medium- and/or high-density development;
  2. The property’s designation in the 2017 Comprehensive Plan including designation as an area of Change/Consistency, location in a Center/Corridor, location on a Main Street Corridor, or other;
  3. The property’s potential for reinvestment given site location;
  4. Whether the property itself meets the criteria for MRA inclusion -OR- Whether reinvestment in the property would catalyze investment in the MRA area broadly;
  5. How inclusion would further the goals and strategies articulated in the existing MRA plan.

Since the inclusion of the property runs with land and would be in place for future owners and projects, the MRA shall not take into consideration the specifics of the current applicant’s proposed use and project.