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South Broadway

South Broadway Neighborhoods Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency Area Plan (1986, 2002).

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The goals of the South Broadway Neighborhood Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan are:

  • The conservation and renewal of neighborhoods and the improvement of living conditions of low and moderate income families;
  • To promote an arrangement of land use, circulation and services which will contribute to the economic, social and physical and safety, welfare and convenience of the people who live in the area within the larger framework of the city and abutting County area;
  • Elimination of conditions which are detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare;
  • Elimination of blight and prevention of blighting influences;
  • Conservation, improvement and expansion of the housing available to low and moderate income families until all housing in the area meets City Housing Code Standards; and
  • Improvement of economic conditions through coordinated City and private actions.

Download the South Broadway Neighborhoods Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (1986, last amended 2002)