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Our Actions Matter! We can all help protect animals, plants and their habitats.

Conservation is a vital part of the ABQ BioPark's mission and is a passion shared by staff from curators, keepers and aquarists to gardeners and support staff. It is part of nearly everything we do. We support conservation on grounds through animal breeding programs, energy conservation in our facilities, and by providing education for our guests.

Learn about some of conservation programs here, and find out more about how you can get involved in conservation around the world and at home.

Oceans and Rivers

Water--in the southwest and around the world--is a precious and rare resource. Protecting our oceans and rivers is important not only to the animals and plants that live in those environments, but to human health as well. Learn more about conservation for oceans and rivers.

Conservation at the BioPark

The BioPark practices conservation through energy-saving tools in our buildings, breeding programs from threatened and endangered species and supporting other conservation organizations. Learn more about conservation at the BioPark

Become a BioPark Parent

Sponsor your favorite animal, plant, fish or insect for as little as $25 a year.  

Funds support:

  • Species care
  • Enrichment items to provide stimulation and exercise
  • Species Procurement Education and Conservation Programs

Personal Conservation

Find out how your actions matter to plants and animals around the world. We each make a difference through choices we make at home, involvement in our communities and by supporting conservation in other communities. Learn more about how our actions matter for conservation.

Program Highlights

All in the Family

caption:Elephant family for OAM

Caring for a growing elephant herd

Small Fish, Big Impact

caption:RGSM for OAM

Saving Rio Grande silvery minnows and more at the Aquatic Conservation Facility

Extinct in the Wild

caption:Micronesian Kingfisher for OAM

Bringing Micronesian kingfishers and other species back from the brink

Rare and Endangered Plants

caption:Successful capture of a cataphractus

The BioPark raises rare, threatened and endangered plants to support state and federal conservation programs.