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Our Actions Matter! We can all help protect animals, plants and their habitats.

We are committed to conservation at the ABQ BioPark. It is a vital part of our mission and a passion for curators, keepers, aquarists, gardeners and our support staff as well. Conservation is part of nearly everything we do. Here are some highlights.

All in the Family

caption:Elephant family for OAM

Caring for a growing elephant herd

Small Fish, Big Impact

caption:RGSM for OAM

Saving Rio Grande silvery minnows and more at the Aquatic Conservation Facility

Extinct in the Wild

caption:Micronesian Kingfisher for OAM

Bringing Micronesian kingfishers and other species back from the brink

Zoo Rehab in Africa

caption:Successful capture of a cataphractus

An outreach trip to help endangered crocs at Zoo d'Abidjan

Heritage Breeds

caption:Dominique chicken

Conserving biodiversity at Heritage Farm.

Rare and Endangered Plants

caption:Successful capture of a cataphractus

The BioPark raises rare, threatened and endangered plants to support state and federal conservation programs.

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