Pre-application Review Team Consultations

Pre-application Review Team (PRT) Consultations are available weekly to help applicants identify and understand the allowable uses, development standards, and processes that pertain to their request.


What is a PRT Consultation?

A Pre-application Review Team (PRT) Consultation is an opportunity for prospective applicants to get answers from staff about development proposals in an informal setting. City staff from relevant Planning Department divisions provide advice about relevant City policies, standards, and processes for most requests, including:

  • Site Plans (Administrative, DRB, or EPC review)
  • Master Development Plans and Framework Plans
  • Amendments to approved Site Plans
  • Conditional Use Approvals
  • Variances
  • Annexations
  • Zoning Map Amendments

PRT Consultations are for informational purposes only; they are non-binding and do not constitute any type of approval. PRT Consultations do not include review of proposals for subdivisions or street vacations. Any statements regarding zoning at a PRT Consultation are not certificates of zoning. The interpretation of specific uses allowed in any zone district is the responsibility of the Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO).

A Pre-application Consultation with staff is required for some applications. (See Table 6-1-1 in the Integrated Development Ordinance.) PRT Consultation notes submitted with an application fulfill this requirement, and a $50 fee will be charged as part of the application.

Note: Subdivision requests do require a pre-application consultation. Those are conducted by the DRB as a "sketch plat."

Schedule a PRT Consultation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person PRT Consultations are not available. PRT Zoom Consultations are by request.

  • To request a PRT Consultation, email [email protected] with the following completed items:
    • PRT Application Form
    • Zone Atlas page with the property location marked
    • Any other relevant information to the questions you need answered, such as proposed site plans, sketches, and prior approvals
  • Requests for a PRT Consultation must be submitted to the Planning Department by 12:00 PM on the Wednesdays to be put on the schedule for a PRT the following week. 
  • Due to high demand, PRT Consultations will only be scheduled if all the items above are completed. For the most accurate and comprehensive responses, please complete the request as fully as possible and submit any relevant information.
  • PRT notes related to ZHE applications are handled on a case-by-case basis as they come in. For other application types, there are 6 PRT appointments available per week. 
  • Typically by Friday of the following week, you will receive an email containing PRT notes from staff. If you still have questions about your PRT, you can contact the staff who sent you the notes. If you still have questions, you may request a Zoom Consultation to follow up.

Request Form

The request form can be printed, filled out, and scanned to be submitted as an email attachment or downloaded to be filled out and emailed as an electronic form.

Zone Atlas Page

The City's Zone Atlas is available online here.

  • You can look up which Zone Atlas page includes your property by typing your address in this online map.
  • You can download the relevant Zone Atlas page here.

Which Site Plan? Online Tool

This online tool is available to help potential applicants understand which site plan might be required. Note: This tool assumes that the appropriate zoning is in place that allows the desired use and that a Conditional Use approval has already been granted, if required.

PRT Location Map

PRT Consultation notes and applications can be viewed using this online map.