Site Plan Admin/Development Facilitation Team

What We Do

The Development Facilitation Team (DFT) reviews Site Plans that do not meet the threshold for review of the EPC per the IDO. Specifically, the DFT reviews Site Plans for commercial projects greater than 50,000 square feet; multi-family greater than 50 units; and any Site Plan that requires major public infrastructure. 

How We Serve You

The DFT reviews the zoning compliance and engineering review of Site Plans. The review covers: Planning, Code Enforcement, Hydrology, Transportation, Parks and Recreation, and the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA). The DFT ensures that the site plan meets the requirements of the IDO and the DPM (Design Process Manual) and the ABCWUA standards.

In addition to site plan review, the DFT is the support staff to the Development Hearing Officer (DHO) in the review of subdivisions, easements, and vacations. The DFT supports the DHO in the review of waivers to the IDO (Sections 5-3 Access and Connectivity; 5-3 Subdivision of Land; and 5-4 Parking and Loading) and the DPM. Please see the DHO webpage for information on the DHO process and hearing calendars.

Requirements for Plans

The DFT requires that all Plan sheets be signed and sealed by a licensed engineer, architect, or surveyor licensed in the State of New Mexico. Landscape Plan sheets must be signed and sealed by a licensed Landscape Architect licensed in the State of New Mexico. All pages must be signed and sealed. 

Application Submittals

Please submit application submittals to [email protected]. For files larger than 9 MB in size, please send an email to [email protected] and request that staff send you a link via Smartfile to upload your submittal. Once you upload your submittal to Smartfile, staff can download the file.  

See below for links to an infrastructure list template and examples of signature blocks for different types of applications:

Status of Applications

When Site Plan - Administrative DFT application submittals are deemed complete, information on the applications and links to the submittals will be located below as well as Notices of Decision when the DFT completes its review of Site Plan - Administrative DFT applications. A GIS map of the Site Plan - Administrative DFT applications is currently under construction, and a link to the map below will be provided as soon as its construction is completed. 


Staff Contact

The six members of the Development Facilitation Team (DFT) are City staff representing the Planning Department, Parks and Recreation Department, Code Enforcement, Hydrology, Traffic Engineer, and Water/Sewer Utilities Engineer.

Each member is authorized to sign Site Plans.

For questions, contact the Development Review Board staff at (505) 924-3994 or (505) 924-3910.

DFT Submittal Requirements Effective December 25, 2022

 Approvals needed prior to application submittal for Site Plan Administrative - DFT Applications (please see Form P)*:

  • Hydrology:
    • Grading and Drainage Plan
  • Transportation:
    • Traffic Circulations Layout (TCL)
    • Traffic Impact Study (TIS)
    • Neighborhood Impact Analysis (NIA)
    • Water/Sewer Availability Statement
    • ABCWUA Development Agreement or Service Connection Agreement (if required)
  • Other agencies (if required under the Hydrology or Transportation submittals):
    • AMAFCA
    • Bernalillo County
    • NMDOT
    • MRGCD