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Stormwater Quality Section

Learn more about the Stormwater Quality Section of the Development Review Services Division.

The Property Owner is Responsible

The Property Owner is Responsible for compliance with the EPA’s Construction General Permit (CGP) on sites that will disturb one or more acres of land, or will disturb less than one acre of land but are part of a common plan of development or sale (as defined in Appendix A of the CGP) that will ultimately disturb one or more acres of land. The City’s Ordinance § 14-5-2-11 also requires the Property Owner to comply with the CGP.

Download Laws:

  1. The EPA’s CGP
  2. The City’s Ordinance § 14-5-2-11

What We Do

The Construction Stormwater Quality (SWQ) Section verifies Property Owner compliance with the City’s Ordinance § 14-5-2-11 which requires compliance with the CGP.

How We Serve You

First, the SWQ Section Reviews and Approves the Property Owner’s Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Plan and Notice of Intent (NOI) before allowing Grading Permits, Building Permits, or Work Orders to be issued by the City. The Property Owner must first obtain permit coverage from the EPA by filing their NOI with the EPA, then provide that documentation to the City. An ESC Permit is occasionally required by the City Ordinance § 14-5-2-11 instead of an NOI for some special sites where the EPA doesn’t require an NOI.

Then the Construction SWQ section inspects sites for compliance with the CGP and City Ordinance § 14-5-2-11 until the Property Owner files his Notice of Termination (NOT) of permit coverage and until the Construction SWQ Section determines the site is stabilized. In the event that the Property Owner fails to comply with the CGP and City Ordinance § 14-5-2-11, the Construction SWQ Section will utilize sanctions and penalties to enforce upon violations of permit requirements. Progressive enforcement escalation procedures will be used and strictly enforced for recalcitrant or repeat offenders per Ordinance § 14-5-2-11(C)(3).

Plan Review Downloads:

  1. ESC Plan Checklist_23.06.16
  2. ESC Plan Standard Notes_23.06.16
  3. SWQ Information Sheet (SWQIS) and Fee Schedule_23.06.16
  4. SWQ Submittal Process_23.06.16
  5. ESC Permit Form_Oct2020

Construction Inspection Downloads:

  1. SWPPP Checklist_22.08.30
  2. The City Of Albuquerque Construction Site Manual 2018
  3. Escalation Process for Violations_20.12.18
  4. Stabilization & Termination Policy with references_23.06.16

Contact Us

For stormwater quality questions, contact the Stormwater Quality Engineer at 505-924-3420.