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Land Development Coordination Section

Learn about the section that is responsible for the One-Stop Shop.

What We Do

This section is responsible for the operation of the One-Stop Shop located on the ground floor of the Plaza del Sol building downtown. This shop conveniently provides permitting, contractor resources, developer resources and homeowner resources in one place.

How We Serve You

The One-Stop Shop takes applications for site plans requiring review by the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC), Development Hearing Officer (DHO), or Development Facilitation Team (DFT); subdivisions and platting actions; building permits requiring EPC, DRB, or DFT approval; vacations of public and private easements and rights-of-way; bulk land variances; infrastructure improvements agreements extensions; variances for subdivisions, sidewalks, parking, and access & connectivity standards; and construction deferrals.

In addition, applications for the Landmarks Commission, administrative approvals or amendments of site plans, zone map amendments, text amendments to the Integrated Development Ordinance, Comprehensive Plan amendments, and annexations are accepted at the One-Stop Shop.

Contact Us

For Land Development Coordination Section questions, please contact the Planning Manager at 505-924-3994.

For application information, please contact one of our Navigators at 505-764-8938 or 505-924-3358.