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Impact Fees Section

Learn about impact fees and how they fund major infrastructure associated with growth in Albuquerque.

What We Do

This section administers the impact fee program in conjunction with the Impact Fee Ordinance and Component Capital Improvements Plan (CCIP).

Impact fees are a charge of assessment imposed by the City on new development in order to generate revenue for funding or recouping the costs of capital improvements rationally related to new development in accordance with applicable law. Capital improvements include: roads, drainage facilities, fire stations, police stations, parks, open space and trails. Impact fees are assessed and collected during the building permit process.

Further details about the impact fee regulations can be found in Chapter 18 of the Development Process Manual.

How We Serve You

Our staff can assist you in determining the correct amount of impact fees for your project and by accepting payment for those fees. 


Contact Us

For Impact Fees Section questions, please contact the Impact Fee Administrator at 505-924-3934 or 505-924-3984.