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The Value of Downtown Albuquerque

No city or region can succeed without a strong downtown, the place where compactness and density bring people, capital, and ideas together in ways that build the economy, community and identity. Despite their small geographic size, downtowns deliver significant economic & community benefits across both the city and region.
International Downtown Association recently completed a study on the Value of Downtown Albuquerque. Comparing downtown Albuquerque to other emerging markets, Albuquerque has several strengths including the development of affordable housing, disproportionately higher fiscal returns, and lower energy emissions by residents.
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Read the full study here.

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May 20, 2022: Value of Downtown Webinar

Cathy Lin from International Downtown Association hosted an informative webinar on May 20, 2022, outlining some key facts and findings from the Downtown study. Her slideshow presentation can be found here.