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Downtown Storefront Activation Grant

The Downtown Storefront Activation Grant Program is an economic recovery program aimed to increase the vibrancy of Downtown Albuquerque.


The Downtown Storefront Activation Program is a grant program designed to support thriving urban districts with the goals to:

  • Attract established businesses with existing customer base;
  • Improve safety by increasing foot traffic to new businesses;
  • Decrease the number of vacant commercial spaces in Downtown Albuquerque; and
  • Create an attractive physical environment with well-designed and engaging storefronts.

Round two of the Downtown Storefront Activation Grant is funded by the City of Albuquerque. $750,000 is available for businesses or non-profits that occupy and rehabilitate ground-floor commercial space within the designated Downtown Albuquerque boundary. The grant funding will be spent on a rolling-basis and each application will be reviewed by the Agency on a first-come, first-serve basis. The application period will open on November 15, 2022 and remain open until all funding has been expended.

Only the basic information of the Downtown Storefront Activation Grant is available on the webpage. Interested Applicants should review all grant materials and resources made available through this site.

How Do I Apply for the Downtown Storefront Activation Grant?

Review and gather the following:

  1. Program Overview for all grant eligibility criterion and application requirements;
  2. Application Checklist and Documentation Requirements form;
  3. Documentation Descriptions & Examples Guide;
  4. Upload Instructions Guide;
  5. Download and complete the fillable PDF Application Form;
  6. All required documentation listed on the application checklist;
  7. A Letter of Intent or lease for the location in which you are applying for;

Upload and submit the completed application and all required application documents using the application submission link:

Applicants will receive notification that their application was received within 48 hours via email. 

What Area Is Eligible?

Eligible Downtown Storefronts must be within the designated Downtown District as shown in the Downtown Boundary Map.  Properties must be WITHIN the boundary, and ineligible if outside the boundary or across the street from the boundary. 

Downtown Boundary Map.png

Qualifying Properties:

A Property Listing Database is available to interested Applicants. The database will be updated periodically with new information. The database provides a list of available properties, but is not comprehensive.  It is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure properties are available, contact the property owner or manager, and negotiate their own lease terms.  

Other non-affiliated City property listing resources are available online.  Online resources include;; or (not a comprehensive list). 

Note: If you are a property owner or manager and have an eligible property you would like to list in the Downtown Storefront Property Listing Database, please contact [email protected]

Who Can I Contact With Questions? 

If you have any questions, please email Jennifer Jackson at [email protected]