Downtown Storefront Activation Grant

The Downtown Storefront Activation Grant Program is an economic recovery program aimed to increase the vibrancy of Downtown Albuquerque.

Please be aware that applications are continuing to be accepted for a funding waitlist. 

Funded through the American Rescue Plan Act, $500,000 is being made available to businesses that occupy street-level retail space in Downtown Albuquerque. Grants of up to $30,000 are available to small businesses (less than 250 employees) that activate and occupy storefront space in the Downtown District.

Please carefully review and complete all documents before submitting your application.

Quick Facts

  • Business must occupy a currently vacant Downtown space of at least 1,000 square feet
  • Existing businesses can become eligible by expanding their footprint by at least 50% into a currently vacant space
  • Leases or LOIs must be executed on or after October 1
  • Eligible Downtown Storefronts are any ground-floor retail orientated commercial space that is at least 1,000 sq. ft. and has a primary entrance directly onto a sidewalk
  • Any type of business may apply, except businesses exclusively based on the sale of adult entertainment, nicotine, cannabis, and packaged liquor
  • Applicants must have fewer than 250 employees
  • Business must be located between Broadway, 11th Street, Coal, and Lomas

Please carefully review the Downtown Storefront Program Overview for an exhaustive list of eligibility requirements.

Where can I get more information?

View instructions for uploading grant application materials.

Additionally, if you have any questions, please email: [email protected] or call 505-810-7502.

A map of Eligible Downtown Storefronts (generally defined as the area between Lomas Avenue, Coal Ave, 11th Street and Broadway)

Agencia de Reurbanización Metropolitana Garantía de fondos para la Activación de Fachadas de tiendas del centro (Downtown)

El Programa de Garantía de Fondos para la Activación de Fachadas de tiendas del centro (Downtown) (The Downtown Storefront Activation Grant Program) es un programa de recuperación económica destinado a aumentar la vitalidad de Downtown Albuquerque. Financiado a través de la Ley del Plan de Rescate Americano, 500.000 dólares se han puesto a disposición de las empresas que ocupan espacios comerciales a nivel de calle en Downtown Albuquerque. Garantía de fondos de hasta 30.000 dólares están disponibles para las pequeñas empresas (menos de 250 empleados) que activan y ocupan el espacio en las fachadas del distrito del centro (Downtown).

El centro de Albuquerque (Downtown) se ha visto especialmente afectado por la emergencia sanitaria COVID‐19. El cierre de las oficinas del centro (Downtown), del centro de convenciones y de los hoteles del centro, ha provocado el cierre de tiendas y exacerbó la vacancia de lugares comerciales. La recuperación del centro de Albuquerque (Downtown) es esencial para el dinamismo económico de la ciudad. El objetivo del Programa de Garantía de Fondos para la Activación de Fachadas de tiendas del centro (Downtown) es proporcionar fondos a las pequeñas empresas que ocupen tiendas vacantes en el centro de Albuquerque, lo que conducirá a comercio adicional y vitalidad en el distrito.

Además, si usted tiene alguna pregunta, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a: [email protected] o llame al número de teléfono de505-810-7502.