New to Albuquerque Guide

A guide to the City of Albuquerque for new residents.

Welcome to Albuquerque

We are thrilled to welcome you to the largest metropolitan area in New Mexico! Whether this is your first time in Albuquerque or if you're returning home, this guide is here to help you learn what services are available to you.

New to Albuquerque?

Modern Albuquerque has over 300 years of rich history. Learn about all about Albuquerque, your new home.

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Learn about Albuquerque

Albuquerque's horizon facing east with rainbow overhead.


Albuquerque features the state's largest public school district, community college system, and public university.



Higher Education

Children at the Balloon Museum


Family means lots of things to lots of people. How you define family is up to you. Whether your family consists of children, a partner, or a four-legged friend, Albuquerque has resources to keep them safe and engaged.


Childcare & Youth Programming

Four Legged Friends

Children at the Balloon Museum