Quick facts, demographics, and statistics for Albuquerque MSA.

Population of Albuquerque (2018 Census Data):

560,218 people

Population of Metro Area - Bernalillo County, Sandoval County, Torrance County, Valencia County (2018 Census Data):

910,726 people

Albuquerque Population by Race (2018 Census Data):

White: 73.5%
American Indian and Alaskan Native: 4.6%
Black or African American: 3.2%
Asian: 2.8%
Hispanic or Latino: 49.0%
Two or more races: 4.5%
White alone, not Hispanic or Latino: 39.4%

Education Attainment 25 years or older (2014-2018 Census Data):

High school graduate or higher: 89.7%
Bachelors Degree or higher: 34.7%

Average Hourly Wage (April 2019):


Number of Small Businesses in NM (2018):


Number of Businesses in Albuquerque (2012 Census Data):


Number of Minority Owned Businesses in Albuquerque (2012 Census Data):


Number of Women Owned Businesses in Albuquerque (2012 Census Data):


Median Household Income (2014-2018 Census Data):


Cost of Living Index (2017 C2ER):


City Bond Rating (2020):

AAA, S&P Global Ratings
AA+ Fitch Ratings

updated April 2020