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34 Local Artists Selected for Resiliency Residency

Award amounts doubled for 2024 round of innovative City arts program.
January 09, 2024

The City of Albuquerque’s Department of Arts & Culture and the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund (UETF) have selected 34 local artists for the second round of its Resiliency Residency Program. This innovative artist residency program, born out of the evolving landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, offers a self-paced, "at-home" residency experience that encourages artists to explore, experiment, research, and create at their own pace. The 2024 UETF Resiliency Residency award amount is $5,000 per artist—doubled from the previous cycle.

The 2024 Resiliency Residency artists are: Katie Dukes Walker; J P 제; Katie Farmin; Gaby Hernandez; Akilah Martinez; Stephanie Baness; Beth Hansen; Mary Lumley; Dominic Fraire; Dewey Devivi; Sarah Hogland-Gurulé; Marco D. Rivera; Eliot Anderberg; Andrés Salazar; Emily Wright; Gregory S. Moss; Vanessa Alvarado; Celine Gordon; Claudia Hermano; Karl Orozco; Robert Bollinger; Adrian Pijoan; Julianna Kirwin; Elizabeth Garland; Endion Schichtel; Fumblers LLC dba Dust Wave; Julianna Massa; Raven I. Bright; Jen DePaolo; Mai Doan; Carlos Menchaca; Lidón Patiño Berjas; Juliana Coles; and Lindsey Fromm.

The program is not just about financial support; it is about community building. This is exemplified through the inclusion of local non-profit organizations who act as fiscal sponsors to the artists and serve mentor and artist support roles as well. This year, the UETF has selected Working Classroom and Katharsis Media to be the fiscal sponsor organizations for the new round of artists.

In its second iteration, the program will foster deeper connections among residents through studio visits and regular face-to-face check-ins. This renewed focus on community building will encourage potential collaborations, stimulating rich conversation, and cross-disciplinary exposure. The 2024 cycle will also feature engaging Roundtables and Workshops led by experts in the arts and arts administration fields. These sessions are designed to encourage meaningful connections and conversations between awarded artists and other members of the Albuquerque arts community.

One of the distinguishing features of the UETF Resiliency Residency is its flexibility in fund utilization. Artists are encouraged to employ these funds in ways that best serve their artistic practice, whether as part of a larger grant, leverage for additional funding, intermediary financing for larger projects, or as they see fit over the 18-month program. This program recognizes the need for artists to receive funding with total trust from the granting organization that the fund amount will be used to further their artistic careers.

The UETF, established in 1987 by the City of Albuquerque, is committed to enhancing the city's arts and cultural offerings and opportunities. The Resiliency Residency Program is a testament to the UETF's enduring dedication to supporting artists of all disciplines, mediums, and artistic and cultural backgrounds.

Please check the UETF Website for updates.