Long Range Planning Section

The Long Range Planning Section is responsible for developing plans, policies and programs designed to guide the physical design and development of Albuquerque.

The Planning Department’s long range planning function resides in the Long Range Planning Section of the Urban Design and Development Division. This function is performed in response to City Council directives and actions and in coordination with the Current Planning and Metropolitan Redevelopment Sections. Specifically, the Section develops, maintains and implements a coordinated, comprehensive general planning program for quality growth and development of the city that balances social, economic, and environmental goals. The historic past and the dynamic present provide the framework upon which the future can be built.

The Long Range Planning Section’s work involves an orientation toward the future and improving the quality of life for Albuquerque residents. Because this function usually affects larger areas of the City rather than just individual sites, community participation is a key element of the Section’s work. We, in conjunction with City Council staff, work with the community in the formulation and articulation of ideas in developing goals, which are then translated into policy and potential regulations. Extensive coordination with various City Departments, other government agencies and private sector interests are also critical elements to this goal creation process. On-going public policy analysis serves to keep the City’s goals, policies and regulations up to date with new development trends, new technologies, economic development opportunities, and demographic and societal changes.

The Section assembles all the information gathered through contact with various groups and produces documents, usually as a Plan, detailing their interests and desires. These Plans are “ranked” as follows:

  • Rank 1: The General or Comprehensive Plan is the Rank 1 plan. It is a Citywide plan with broad Goals and Policies for all areas of the built and natural environment.
  • Rank 2: Area and facility plans are Rank 2 plans. Area plans cover large swaths of the City, such as the North Valley or the West Side, but not all areas of the City have an Area plan. Facility plans address various types of City-wide utilities or public facilities such as the Facility Plan For Arroyos or the Trails and Bikeways Plan.
  • Rank 3: Sector and Corridor plans are the typical Rank 3 plans. Other Rank 3 plans may be specific to unique areas or an occasional neighborhood plan. Rank 3 plans address smaller geographic areas (sectors) that have common characteristics and/or conditions. They typically have tighter land use controls than the City’s Zoning Code and often include specific design standards for the particular sector.

Lower ranking plans should be consistent with higher ranking plans. In the event of conflict, the provisions of the higher-ranking plan shall govern. Many of the City’s ranked plans are available on this website under the "Department Publications/Documents" link. Other work of the Long Range Planning Section includes policy analysis and development, mainly associated with plan implementation tools such as the Zoning Code, the Development Process Manual (DPM) and Capital Improvements Program.

The sector planning efforts that are on-going in the Long Range Planning Section can be viewed here: Sector Plans and other Planning Projects.