Land Development Section

Land Development Coordination is responsible for the Development Services One-Stop Shop Front Counter, which conveniently provides for the City's development needs by housing building and contractor resources all in one building.

The Front Counter takes applications for site development plans for subdivisions and building permits requiring Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) or Development Review Board (DRB) approval, vacations of public and private easements and rights-of-way, platting actions, bulk land variances, subdivision improvements agreements extensions, subdivision design variances, sidewalk waivers, and construction deferrals.

In addition, applications for Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission (LUCC), administrative approvals or amendments of site plans, zone map amendments, zoning code text amendments, Comprehensive/Area/Sector Plan amendments, and petitions for annexations are accepted at the Development Services Front Counter (One Stop Shop). Adopted City plans, the City Comprehensive Zoning Code and the Zone Atlas are also sold here. Many "how to" questions pertaining to these requirements and processes are addressed in the Handbook of Land Development Procedures.

The administrative functions for the DRB are another important responsibility of the section. Records of DRB cases are available at the Development Services Front Counter. The section manager chairs the DRB and is responsible for reviewing subdivision applications for compliance with the Subdivision Ordinance, City Comprehensive Zoning Code, and other applicable land use plans.

Section Manager, DRB Chairman:

Jack Cloud, Planning Manager - 505-924-3880

Development Review Board:

Angela Gomez, Administrative Assistant - 505-924-3946

Municipal Information:

Vanessa Segura, Planning Assistant - 505-924-3895
Annette Ortiz, Planning Assistant - 505-924-3861