Development Review Services

The Development Review Services Division administers the Planning Department One Stop Shop, the first source of information regarding development requests.

Contact: Shahab Biazar, City Engineer, 505-924-3422

The five sections within the Development Review Services Division are:

The division staff, located on the ground floor of the Plaza del Sol Building, accepts applications for subdivision activity, which are then heard by the Development Review Board (DRB). Staff also accepts applications on land use matters for hearing by the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) and the Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission. Appeals of various board decisions are accepted at the front counter, along with site development plan amendments.

The Design Review/Construction Section accepts applications at its location on the fourth floor of the Plaza del Sol Building. In addition, this section processes construction plans for public infrastructure required as a condition of subdivision and/or site plan approval.  Design Review/Construction Section Forms and Documents.

In order to provide better One Stop Shop services to the community, the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority has its customer services division located on the ground floor of the Plaza del Sol Building.

Division Manager – City Engineer

Shahab Biazar, P.E. - 505-924-3422

Linda Evans, Senior Administrative Assistant - 505-924-3979