Northeast Area Commander

Meet the leadership at the Northeast Area Command.

A JPEG of Acting Commander Greg Weber.

A/Cmdr. Greg Weber

Greg Weber joined the Albuquerque Police Department in 2004.  He worked as an officer, detective, and field training officer prior to earning the rank of sergeant. 

While serving as a sergeant, Acting Commander Weber worked three years in the Field Services Bureau before becoming the supervisor of the Crimes Against Children Unit, where he worked an additional two years. 

As a lieutenant, he served as member of the Field Training and Evaluation Program, Field Watch Commander, and supervisor for both APD’s Critical Incident Review Team and Internal Affairs Section. 

Most recently, Acting Commander Weber was assigned to APD’s Valley Area Command where he worked with a multidisciplinary team addressing persons living with homelessness at Coronado Park.  Acting Commander Weber is a graduate of the FBI National Academy.