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Foothills Area Commander

Meet the leadership at the Foothills Area Command.

Cmdr. James Collins

Shawn Garrett

Shawn Garrett has been with the Albuquerque Police Department since 2006. He has worked in every area command on patrol as an officer. He was a member of the Gang Suppression Unit, and a detective within the Property Crimes Section. After promoting to sergeant, he returned to patrol and became a CIT area coordinator. Lt. Garrett also worked in Internal Affairs and the Critical Incident Review Team. Upon being promoted to lieutenant, he again returned to patrol. He was later transferred and oversaw the Proactive Response Team within the Foothills Area Command. After several years working in that assignment, He transferred to the Crime Lab and oversaw the Investigative Support Section. In June of 2022, he became the acting commander of the Foothills Area Command.