Case Tracking & Research

Find information about how to track and research documents in the Planning Department.

The Planning Department has a file room that stores records related to cases heard by Planning Department boards and commissions. Every application that is taken in for boards and commission cases is always assigned a project number and a case number.

Over the years there have been various systems that Planning has used to store applications, creating a variety of numbering systems. We have case files ranging from microfiche, hard copy files, to electronic files. These systems have been integrated, and case files are easily accessible.

  • Historically, applications were assigned project numbers starting with letter prefixes.
    • AX Numbers – Old EPC files
    • Z Numbers – Old EPC files
    • ZA Numbers – Old ZHE files
    • DRB Numbers – Old DRB files
    • S, V, SV, SP, SPR, SC5 Numbers – Old DRB files
  • Before 2008, we stored cases electronically in an application database called Cognos. 
  • From 2008 to 2016, we stored cases electronically in an application database called Kiva, which created seven-digit project numbers.
  • As of 2017, we use a system called POSSE/MESA that creates project numbers with prefixes of PR.
  • We also now store digital records on a system called OnBase.

Online Research

You can look up case numbers for properties using the Advanced Map Viewer and turning on the "Case History" layer. You can navigate to your property using the map tools or doing an address search. (The "Case Tracking" layer includes current case numbers from applications under review.)

Once you have located your property you can use the “Identify” button to bring up specifics about your property.

  • Project numbers with 7 digits or beginning with PR are more recent cases. Clicking on the project number on the results tab will bring up more information about the application.
  • The majority of project numbers that start with prefixes of Z, ZA, DRB, S, SV or V are older cases only available on microfilm. These project numbers have to be viewed using the microfilm machine we have in our file room. See Records Request below.

Many case files, including Certificates of Occupancy, can be researched online.

Records Request

To request a microfilm file, please make a records request from the City Clerk.