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Advanced Map Viewer

Information about the Advanced Map Viewer

A new and improved Advanced Map Viewer is now available!


The updated viewer can be used in any browser and has more functionality. This viewer allows users to view multiple layers of geographic information to search and display along with access to advanced tools.

Now Included: Integrated Development Ordinance

This new viewer also includes the new City of Albuquerque's Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO) Zoning layers.

The Integrated Development Ordinance became effective on May 17, 2018.

Learn more about the Integrated Development Ordinance.

Bernalillo County Zoning

Bernalillo County Zoning is not available in the Advanced Map Viewer 2.0.

For more information about zoning within areas of Bernalillo County, please visit Bernalillo County Planning & Development Services GIS.

Advanced Map Viewer User Guide

The Advanced Map Viewer Guide offers a quick introduction, full user guide, and how-to videos for using the Advanced Map Viewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The GIS Frequently Asked Questions provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding the Geographic Information Systems at the City of Albuquerque.

Get answers to Frequently Asked GIS Questions.