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Jobs with the Aquatic Division

The City of Albuquerque is currently looking for Lifeguards, Aquatics Aides, and Headguards.


General Steps to Apply

  1. Interview: Call your preferred pool to schedule an official interview with the pool manager. The interview does not guarantee employment with the City.
  2. Complete an online application
  3. Download, print, and complete the following forms.
  4. Lifeguards must complete a water test prior to scheduling an interview with the pool manager. Call one of the following pools to schedule the test:
  5. Your online application and completed application packet will be submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department for review. If you are selected for employment consideration, you will be contacted by the Department to schedule pre-employment testing. Participating in pre-employment testing is not a guarantee of employment.
  6. As the summer hire process approaches, if you are selected for employment with the Aquatics Division, you will be contacted by a hiring official to advise you of your selection and to schedule new employee orientation.
  7. For Lifeguard positions you must successfully pass the City of Albuquerque’s lifeguard water test and have the following current certificates:
    • American Red Cross Lifeguarding certificate
    • American Red Cross CPR certificate
    • American Red Cross First Aid certificate

Lifeguarding Jobs

See the Lifeguarding Section for information on this rewarding work.