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Department Listing

Contact information for City departments and offices.

General Questions

For general questions:

  • In Albuquerque, call 311
  • Outside Albuquerque, call 505-768-2000

City Organization Chart

Contents: City Departments & Offices

Albuquerque Community Safety

View information about Albuquerque Community Safety.

Director: Mariela Ruiz-Angel, [email protected]
1 Civic Plaza, Rm 1026
Albuquerque NM 87102
Telephone: 505-768-4227

Public Information Coordinator: Jorge Hernandez, [email protected], 505-768-3504

Animal Welfare Department

View information about Animal Welfare.

Director: Carolyn Ortega, [email protected]
8920 Lomas NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112
Telephone: 505-764-1123

Marketing Manager: Desiree Cawley, [email protected], 505-764-1164

Arts & Culture Department

View information about Arts & Culture.

Director: Dr. Shelle Sanchez, [email protected]
City Hall - 6th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-3556
Fax: 505-768-2846

Marketing Manager: Tanya Lenti, [email protected], 505-768-3556

Aviation Department

View information about Aviation.

Director: Richard McCurley, r[email protected]
2200 Sunport SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Telephone: 505-244-7700
Fax: 505-842-4278

Sunport Media Line: Jonathan Small, [email protected], 505-289-0375 

City Clerk's Office

View information about City Clerk.

City Clerk: Ethan Watson, [email protected]
Plaza del Sol, 600 2nd NW, 7th floor
Telephone: 505-924-3650
Fax: 505-924-3660

Public Information Officer: Cristobal Roybal, [email protected]

City Council

View information about the City Council.

Council Director: Isaac Padilla, [email protected]
City Hall - 9th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-3100
Fax: 505-768-3227

Public Information Officer: Vincent Higgins, [email protected]

Office of Civil Rights

View information about the Office of Civil Rights.

Director: Vacant
City Hall - 4th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-4500

Civilian Police Oversight Agency

View information about the Civilian Police Oversight Agency.

Executive Director: Diane McDermott, [email protected]
600 2nd NW, Room 813
Telephone: 505-924-3770
Fax: 505-924-3775

Office of Consumer Protection

View information about the Office of Consumer Protection.

Director: Mari Kempton
City Hall - 3rd Floor
Telephone: 505-768-4596

Economic Development Department

View information about Economic Development.

Director: Max Gruner
City Hall - 11th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-3270
Fax: 505-768-3280

Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Sara Mannal [email protected]

Emergency Management Office

View information about Emergency Management.

Director: Michael Riley, [email protected]
Address: 11510 Sunset Gardens SW, 87121-7758
Telephone: 505-244-8657

Environmental Health Department

View information about Environmental Health.

Director: Director Paul Rogers, [email protected]
City Hall - 3rd Floor
Telephone: 505-768-2716
Fax: 505-768-2617

Marketing Manager: Maia Rodriguez, [email protected], 505-235-8073

Office of Equity & Inclusion

View information about Equity & Inclusion.

Director: Sonya Lara
City Hall - 4th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-3307

Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Cristina Calva, [email protected], 505-768-3535

Finance & Administrative Services Department

View information about Finance and Administrative Services.

Executive Assistant to the Department Director​: Lisa Lopez, [email protected]
City Hall - 10th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-3396

Fire Rescue

View information about Albuquerque Fire Rescue.

Fire Chief: Emily Jaramillo
11500 Sunset Gardens SW
Albuquerque, NM 87121
Telephone: 505-768-9300
Fax: 505-768-9340

Public Information Officer: Lt. Jason Fejer, [email protected], 505-768-9300

General Services Department

View information about General Services.

Director: Nathan Martinez
City Hall - 3rd Floor
Telephone: 505-768-4684

Health, Housing & Homelessness

View information about Heath, Housing & Homelessness

Director: Gilbert Ramírez
City Hall - 5th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-2860
Fax: 505-768-3204

Public Affairs Specialist: Katie Simon, [email protected], 505-768-2809

Human Resources Department

View information about Human Resources.

Director: Ian Stoker, [email protected]
City Hall - 7th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-3700
Fax: 505-768-3777

View information about employment verification.

Inspector General's Office

View information about the Inspector General's Office.

Melissa R. Santistevan, [email protected]
City Hall - 5th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-3150

Internal Audit Office

View information about Internal Audit.

Interim City Auditor: Marisa Vargas, [email protected]
City Hall - 5th Floor
Telephone: 505-639-3563
Fax: 505-768-3158

Legal Department

View information about the Legal Department.

City Attorney: Lauren Keefe
City Hall - 4th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-4500
Fax: 505-768-4525

Management & Budget Office

View information about Management and Budget.

Budget Officer:Lawrence L. Davis, [email protected]
City Hall - 11th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-3364
Fax: 505-768-3301

Mayor's Office

View information about the Mayor's Office.

Mayor: Tim Keller, contact the Mayor's Office
City Hall - 11th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-3000
Fax: 505-768-3019

Public Information Officer: Ava Montoya, [email protected]
Director of Public Affairs: Doug Small, [email protected]
Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer: William Burleigh, [email protected]
Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer: Tanya Jackson, [email protected]

Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency

View information about Metropolitan Redevelopment.

Director: Terry Brunner, [email protected]
100 Arno NE, Suite B
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Telephone: 505-895-2142

Public Information Officer: Sarah Allen, [email protected], 505-810-7501

Municipal Development Department

View information about Municipal Development.

Director: Patrick Montoya, [email protected]
City Hall - 7th Floor
Telephone: 505-768-3830
Fax: 505-768-2310

Public Information Officer: Dan Mayfield, [email protected], 505-768-3868

Parks & Recreation Department

View information about Parks and Recreation.

Director: David Simon, [email protected]
1801 4th NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Telephone: 505-768-5353
Fax: 505-768-5305

Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Emily Moore, [email protected], 505-768-5303

Planning Department

View information about Planning.

Director: Alan Varela
600 2nd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Telephone: 505-924-3860
Fax: 505-924-3339

Public Information Officer: Tim Walsh, [email protected], 505-924-3937

Police Department

View information about the Police Department.

Police Chief: Harold Medina, [email protected]
400 Roma NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Telephone: 505-768-2200
Fax: 505-768-2331

Public Information Officer: 505-768-3339

Senior Affairs Department

View information about Senior Affairs.

Director: Anna Sanchez
1 Civic Plaza NW, 6th Floor, Rm. 6007
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Telephone: 505-764-6432
Fax: 505-764-3632

Point of Contact:

  • Senior Information Line: 505-764-6400
  • Public Information Officer: Victoria Velarde, [email protected], 505-768-3620

Solid Waste Management Department

View information about Solid Waste.

Director: (William) Billy Gallegos
4600 Edith NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Telephone: 505-761-8100
Fax: 505-761-8187

Public Information Officer: Alex Bukoski, [email protected], 505-761-8134

Technology & Innovation Department

View information about Technology and Innovation.

Director: Mark Leech, [email protected]
City Hall - 2nd Floor
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Digital Engagement Manager: Erika Eddy, [email protected], 505-768-3723

Transit Department

View information about Transit.

Director: Leslie Keener, [email protected]
Alvarado Transportation Center
100 1st SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Telephone: 505-724-3100

Transit Department Public Information Officer: Madeline Skrak , [email protected] , 505-764-8956

View information about bus routes and schedules

Violence Intervention Program (VIP)

View information about the Violence Intervention Program (VIP).

Project Manager: Gerri Bachicha, [email protected]
2040 4th St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Telephone: 505-768-4983

Public Information Officer: Gilbert Gallegos, 505-768-2200

Youth & Family Services

View information about Youth & Family Services.

Director: Katarina Sandoval, [email protected]
City hall 10th floor
Telephone: 505-768-2084

Public Affairs Specialist: Brianna Gallegos, [email protected]