The Administration of Mayor Tim Keller

Meet the people who make up the Administration of Mayor Tim Keller.

We are tackling our biggest problems and taking bold action to create a better Albuquerque. Read more about the progress the Keller Administration has made over the past four years.

The Keller Administration Progress Report - Learn about the Keller Administration's progress and how we are making Albuquerque more safe, innovative, and inclusive.


Executive Team

Headshot of Mayor Tim Keller

Tim Keller


Headshot of CAO Sarita Nair

Sarita Nair

Chief Administrative Officer

Headshot of COO Lawrence Rael

Lawrence Rael

Chief Operations Officer

Headshot of CFO Sanjay Bhakta

Sanjay Bhakta

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of COS Mike Puelle

Mike Puelle

Chief of Staff

Headshot of Justine Freeman

Justine Freeman

Deputy Chief of Staff

Headshot of Interim Police Chief Harold Medina


Harold Media, Chief of Police

Headshot of Deputy CAO and Superintendent of Police Reform Sylvester Stanley

Police Reform

Sylvester Stanley, Deputy CAO and Interim Superintendent of Police Reform

Headshot of Interim Fire Rescue Chief Gene Gallegos

Fire Rescue

Gene Gallegos, Fire Chief

Department Directors

Carolyn Ortega Headshot Tile

Animal Welfare

Carolyn Ortega, Director

Headshot of Dr. Shelle Sanchez

Arts & Culture

Dr. Shelle Sanchez, Director

Headshot of Richard McCurley


Richard McCurley, Interim Director

Headshot of Ethan Watson

Office of the City Clerk

Ethan Watson, City Clerk

Headshot of Torri Jacobus

Office of Civil Rights

Torri Jacobus, Managing Attorney

Headshot of Isaac Padilla

Community Safety

Mariela Ruiz-Angel, Director

Headshot of Damian Lara

Economic Development

Damian Lara, Acting Director

Headshot of Roger Ebner

Emergency Management

Roger Ebner, Director

Headshot of Mark DiMenna

Environmental Health

Mark DiMenna, Acting Director

Headshot of Michelle Melendez

Equity & Inclusion

Michelle Melendez, Director

Headshot of Carol Pierce

Family & Community Services

Carol Pierce, Director

Headshot of Renee Martinez

Finance & Administrative Services

Renee Martinez, Director

Headshot of Anthony Romero

Human Resources

Anthony Romero, Director

Headshot of Esteban Aguilar


Esteban A. Aguilar Jr., City Attorney

Headshot of Patrick Montoya

Municipal Development

Patrick Montoya, Director

Headshot of David Simon

Parks & Recreation

David Simon, Director

Headshot Image of Alan Varela


Alan Varela, Interim Director

Headshot of Anna Sanchez

Senior Affairs

Anna Sanchez, Director

Headshot of Matthew Whelan

Solid Waste

Matthew Whelan, Director

Headshot of Brian Osterloh

Technology & Innovation

Brian Osterloh, Director

Stephanie Dominguez Headshot


Stephanie Dominguez, Interim Director

Subject Matter Staff

The City of Albuquerque employs many experts across various disciplines in both classified and unclassified positions not listed on this page.

A Headshot of Alan Armijo

Alan Armijo

Director of Public Affairs

Headshot of Gerri Bachicha

Gerri Bachicha

Violence Intervention Program Manager

Headshot of Dawn Begay

Dawn Begay

Native American Affairs Coordinator

Headshot of Dr. Dawnita Blackmon-Mosely

Dr. Dawnita Blackmon-Mosely

Early Childhood Programs

Headshot of Cristin Chavez-Smith

Cristin Chavez-Smith

Youth Connect - Before & After School and Summer Programing

A headshot of David Chené.

David Chene

Civic Engagement Manager

Headshot of Isaac Padilla

Tonya Covington

Rapid Accountability Diversion Program Manager

Headshot of Helen Maestas

Staci Drangmeister

Marketing & Innovation Manager

Headshot of Haley Kadish

Haley Kadish

Performance & Innov. Officer

Headshot of Isaac Padilla

Helen Maestas

Deputy Director of Public Affairs

Headshot of Isaac Padilla

Isaac Padilla

Director of Governmental Affairs

Headshot of Isaac Padilla

Sasha Pellerin

Sr. Policy Advisor for Education

Headshot of Isaac Padilla

Matthew Peterson

Food Systems, Agriculture & Community Gardens

Headshot of Kelsey Rader

Kelsey Rader

Sustainability Officer

Headshot of Nicole Rogers

Nicole Rogers

African American Community & Business Leader Liaison

Terry Sload Headshot

Terri Sloan

Intergovernmental Tribal Liaison

Thomas Tozier Headshot

Thomas Tozier

Military & Veteran Liaison