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Rapid Accountability Diversion Program Manager Tonya Covington

Information about Rapid Accountability Diversion (RAD) Program Manager Tonya Covington .

Performance & Innovation Officer Haley Kadish

Tonya Covington, Rapid Accountability Diversion (RAD)

Tonya Covington was born in Washington, D.C. into an Air Force family. At the age of three her family landed in Morocco, North Africa where she learned to speak three languages. A lifelong fascination with different cultures and languages ensued.

Tonya’s family was transferred to Clovis in 1969 and thus began a lifelong love of all things New Mexican. Searching for a way to be of service to her community Tonya was trained in Mediation and Anti-racism techniques.

Tonya continued to hone this unique combination of skills making her an expert on cross-cultural relations and peacemaking. Along the way, Tonya also became a certified Community Health Worker helping the community with issues surrounding diabetes. She also chaired the committee to establish a New Mexico Black History Museum.

Tonya has been using these skills as a dedicated community activist, community resource and consultant. Tonya has always enjoyed working with young people and has mentored many in the community.

Over three decades of community service and still going strong.