Office of Equity & Inclusion Team

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Michelle Melendez

Director of Equity and Inclusion
(505) 768-3307
[email protected]

Michelle Melendez.jpg

Dawn Begay

Native American Affairs Coordinator
[email protected]

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Terry Sloan

Intergovernmental Tribal Liaison
[email protected]


Nichole Rogers

Office of Black Community Engagement Liaison
(505) 768-4521
[email protected]

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Beatriz Valencia

Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs Liaison 
(505) 768-3040
[email protected]

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Tim Green IV

Culture Change Leader
(505) 768-3495
[email protected]

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Billystrom Jivetti

Race & Equity Data Analyst
[email protected]

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Terry Schleder

Community Service Project Manager
(505) 768-3041
[email protected]

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Tiff Bankhurst

Fiscal Officer/Grant Specialist
(505) 768-3497
[email protected]

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Meryl Chee

Public Information Officer
(505) 269-5927
[email protected]

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Maria Brazil

Administrative Coordinator
(505) 768-3491
[email protected]

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