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Language Materials

In the Office of Equity and Inclusion, we understand that language barriers can prevent people from accessing services, programs and important information that are vital to their health and well-being. Our team has been committed to addressing these barriers for our community to ensure equitable access to what our City has to offer. In December 2021, City Council voted unanimously to increase language access to ensure City services and documents were more available for non-English speaking residents. The City of Albuquerque is committed to ensuring access to city information in the most common languages spoken by its diverse population. We strive to translate the most vital documents and forms we use. However, there is new information published daily on our City website, and for that, we must rely on Google Translate. Although not perfect, Google Translate is getting better. This help page provides basic instructions and a disclaimer. Below, we give contact information for how to ask the City of Albuquerque municipal government for an interpreter or for specific information to be translated. There is no charge for interpretation or translation of City of Albuquerque government information. We also list community-based resources for interpretation and translation. For more information about the city’s Language Access Policy, please visit these pages:  R-21-231 Language Access Policy