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Meet the Director

Bio for Director of Health, Housing & Homelessness Gilbert Ramírez, MSW.

Gilbert Ramirez

Director of Health, Housing & Homelessness Gilbert Ramírez, MSW

Benefiting from over two decades of impactful experience in behavioral health and community services, Gilbert Ramírez now leads Albuquerque's Health, Housing, and Homelessness department. With academic qualifications in social work and education, his transition has seamlessly propelled the advancement of critical initiatives. As the former Deputy Director for Behavioral Health and Wellness Programs, Ramírez initiated pioneering efforts like the Albuquerque Community Safety Department and the state's inaugural medical sobering center. His extensive clinical practice spans 23 years in Albuquerque, complemented by sixteen years as an Adjunct Professor and Field Consultant at New Mexico Highlands University School of Social Work. Nationally recognized for co-authored publications on effective gang intervention in school settings, his commitment to expanding services and championing comprehensive care remains unwavering, ensuring that Albuquerque's communities, including its schools, thrive with essential resources.