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Executive Staff

Executive Staff of Albuquerque Fire Rescue.

Deputy Chief of Emergency Services Emily Jaramillo

Fire Chief Emily Jaramillo

Fire Chief Emily Jaramillo grew up in rural New Mexico. She achieved a BA in English and Secondary Education at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa in 1999. After returning home to New Mexico, Emily taught and coached for four years at Albuquerque Public Schools before joining Albuquerque Fire Rescue in 2005. During her time at AFR, Emily has served as an officer in both the Paramedic and Fire Suppression Divisions, served on the AFD Safety Committee, taught in the EMS Training Division, and coordinated both the Professional Development and Firefighter Health and Wellness programs, served at the chair of the Operations Planning Committee for ACS, and serves on the board for the Mental Health Response Advisory Committee. In 2015, she was the recipient of the IAFF 244 Outstanding Leadership Award and was nominated as an Albuquerque Business First Woman of Excellence in 2022.

In March of 2023, Emily was selected and promoted to become the first woman to serve as Fire Chief in AFR's 123 year history.

Prior to being appointed Fire Chief, she served as Deputy Chief of Emergency Medical Services for Albuquerque Fire Rescue, the Health & Safety Division, Chaplaincy Program, Peer Support Network, the community paramedic Home Engagement and Alternative Response Team (HEART), Records Management, the Albuquerque Fire Rescue Pharmacy, and the field EMS Quality Assurance Officers. The AFR Medical Director, Doctor Kimberly Pruett, and Behavioral Health Director, Maia Theodore-Dalton also fall under this Division. The Emergency Services Division is committed to providing exemplary pre-hospital care and community paramedicine to the citizens of Albuquerque with a strong focus on patient care and quality assurance.

Fire Chief Jaramillo is also a mother to two young children and is currently a graduate student pursuing a Masters Degree in Public Health at New Mexico State University.

Contact Fire Chief Jaramillo at [email protected].

caption: Deputy Chief of Training and Communication Kevin Ferando

Deputy Chief Kevin Ferando


Deputy Chief Kevin Ferando was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After graduating from Eldorado High School, he went to college in Colorado and graduated from Western Colorado University with a degree in business and accounting. Kevin moved back to Albuquerque after college and worked as a financial adviser for several years before entering the fire service. Kevin has served in both suppression and EMS divisions during his time with Albuquerque Fire Rescue. He obtained his paramedic license in 2007 and has promoted through the EMS ranks. Kevin is also a Heavy Rescue Technician and worked at fire station 3 for six years as a Rescue Driver and  Rescue Lieutenant. He was promoted to the EMS Quality Assurance Captain in 2018 where he was able to be an active member in the department's EMS guideline review, education, and paramedic credentialing process. DC Fernado has helped with AFR's professional development program by teaching fire instructor and fire officer classes and being an instructor for the department's officer's certification classes. Prior to promoting to the deputy chief rank, DC Ferando oversaw AFR’s Fleet and Capital Improvement Division. DC Ferando currently oversees AFR’s Communications, Technical Services, Fire/Medical Dispatch, and the CPSE accreditation process.

Contact Deputy Chief Ferando at [email protected].

caption: Deputy Chief of Field Operations Jimmy Melek

Deputy Chief Jimmy Melek


Deputy Chief Jimmy Melek has been a member Albuquerque Fire Rescue since 2004. He was born and raised in New Mexico and graduated from West Mesa High School. After high school, he attended Adams State College in Colorado where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After earning his degree, he decided he wanted to return home and serve his community by pursuing a career as a firefighter. While applying, testing, and waiting to be selected, he was a teacher and wrestling coach at Cibola High School. During his time with AFR, he has served in various roles in efforts to contribute to the department. He promoted to Lieutenant through the Suppression side of the department and  then went to paramedic school as an officer. This career path gives him a diverse perspective of emergency response and also provides the experience in almost every role on every apparatus. Certified as an HTR Technician, he was assigned to Station 3 as Captain of the Heavy Technical Rescue Task Force. In addition to field response, he also participated in numerous activities to help progress the department. He was the lead of the HEART (Home Engagement and Alternative Response Team) program that focuses on high utilizers of the EMS system, fall prevention, and harm reduction aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with drug use. He also participated in the EMS Quality Assurance & Improvement Program, Firefighter Mental Health and Well Being Committee, CPSE Committee, Report Compliance Committee, Blue Card Committee, and Professional Development. DC Melek is a passionate father, a loving son, and a loyal friend. He likes to spend his free time watching his daughter play volleyball, play pool with his dad, and golf with friends. Deputy Chief Melek oversees all field operations on each of the departments’ three shifts. He is responsible for all special event coordination and associated AFR activities. He manages the three AFR special operations divisions that include Wildland, Hazardous Materials, and Heavy Technical Rescue.

Contact Deputy Chief Melek at [email protected].

Deputy Chief HR Christopher Sotelo

Deputy Chief Christopher Sotelo


Deputy Chief Christopher Sotelo grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico after moving from Northern California at a young age. After graduating from Manzano High School, he attended New Mexico Highlands University on a football scholarship. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Upon graduation from college, he joined the United States Army where he eventually became a Signal Corps Communications officer. After spending 16 months in Afghanistan supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, he continued his military service part time and took on a job at the Bernalillo County Juvenile Youth Services Center mentoring youth. During his 15-year AFR career, Deputy Chief Sotelo spent most of his time in Operations, with a 2-year assignment as an instructor at Albuquerque Fire Rescue’s Fire Academy. Deputy Chief Sotelo also served over four years on the IAFF Local 244 Executive Board. Deputy Chief Sotelo will oversee Human Resources, Safety Division, Public Affairs Office, and the Mental Health and Wellness Division. Deputy Chief Sotelo is a husband and the proud father of three children.

Contact Deputy Chief Sotelo at [email protected].

Deputy Chief Logistics & Finance Alejandro Marufo

Deputy Chief Alejandro Marrufo


Deputy Chief Alejandro Marrufo was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He graduated from West Mesa High School and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Administration from Columbia Southern University. He has been with Albuquerque Fire Rescue since 2008 and was a member of the 76th cadet class. As the Captain overseeing the Emergency Dispatch Center for AFR, the division was named division of the year in 2020. Deputy Chief Marrufo was named IAFF Outstanding leader in 2021. His time as Captain of the Emergency Dispatch Center saw many improvements to dispatch procedures and operations at AFR. DC Marrufo will oversee Logistics, Fiscal Division, Fleet Division, and Capital Improvements. Under his oversight, AFR Logistics supports all of the operational and supply needs for over 30 facilities and over 200 vehicles and apparatus. Fleet Maintenance maintains and repairs all emergency apparatus for AFR. The Fiscal Division manages payroll, grants, procurement, contracts, budget, and many other finance related activities. The Capital Improvements Division maintains all of AFR’s facilities and construction projects. Alejandro and his wife enjoy camping, traveling, and spending time with family.

Contact Deputy Chief Marrufo at [email protected].

Deputy Chief of The Fire Marshal’s Office Kris Romero

Deputy Chief & Fire Marshal Kris Romero


Fire Marshal Kris Romero was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After graduating from Eldorado High School, he attended college at Colorado College and received his degree in Economics. Kris joined Albuquerque Fire Rescue in 2003 as part of the 66th Cadet Class. During Kris’ 18-year tenure with Albuquerque Fire Rescue, he spent over 13 years in Emergency Operations, where he served the citizens of Albuquerque at several stations along the Central corridor. In 2010, Kris and his crew were honored by Uniting New Mexicans Against Adult Abuse as their “Outstanding Professional” recipient. In 2013, he was honored by former Fire Chief David Downey for his team’s response to a lightning strike involving a pregnant patient and her partner. In 2014, he was a recipient of the Albuquerque Mayor’s “Friday’s Heroes” for a successful mountain rescue. During his tenure in the departments Technical Services division, he led several new initiatives that have resulted in upgraded phone, radio, and computer technologies and has helped increase the efficiency of numerous procedures and daily operations. From 2014-2019, Romero was the EMT-Basic Representative for the NM Medical Direction Committee. More recently, Kris was selected to be a member of AFR’s Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) Committee. As the Fire Marshal/Deputy Chief of the Fire Marshal’s Office, Romero oversees the Fire Inspections Office, ADAPT, Fire Investigations, Plans Checking, and Community Risk Reduction.

Contact Deputy Chief Romero at [email protected].