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Records Management Office

Albuquerque Fire Rescue Records Management is responsible for providing the community with EMS and Fire Reports while ensuring that all reports released are in compliance with HIPAA rules and confidentiality standards.

Important Note

Please note that AFR Records Management generally processes requests for medical records from individuals, or their representatives, who have a right to those records under HIPAA. If you are seeking to inspect the medical records of a third party and do not have the records outlined under “Third Party Request” below, please submit a request for public records to the City Clerk’s Office at

Contact Us

For questions on requesting records, please contact us during normal business hours. If a representative is not available, please leave a detailed message or email.

In-person hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone hours: Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 505-764-6333
Address: 7520 Corona Ave NE, 87113

Step # 1 – Fill out the Records Request Form and sign it:

Download and complete all applicable sections in Albuquerque Fire Rescue’s Record Request Form.

Step # 2 – Attach Applicable Documents (For Medical Records Only):

Download and complete all applicable sections in AFR's Patient Request for Access to Protected Health Information Release Form for medical records. If sending by mail or email, this document must be signed and notarized.

A medical record is any record (i.e. fire report, medical report or 9-1-1 tape/CD) that is not redacted and contains protected health information about a patient.

For more information about Albuquerque Fire Rescue’s policy regarding patient privacy rights, go to: Notice of Privacy Practices.

Patient Request:

If you are a patient in need of a medical record, be prepared to provide identification (government issued photo I.D.) when submitting the Record Request Form.

Third Party Request:

If you are requesting a medical record and you are not the patient, you must attach one of the following to the Record Request Form:

  • A notarized HIPAA-compliant release (see 45 C.F.R.164.508 for required contents of release) signed by the patient
  • A court order signed by a judge authorizing the release (45 C.F.R. 164.512).

*A subpoena alone, without either a HIPAA-compliant release or court order attached, is not sufficient to authorize release of a patient’s medical record.


If you are requesting a medical record for a deceased patient a death certificate, proof of executor of the estate, and a signed HIPAA release by the personal representative are required.


If you are requesting a medical record for your child, a birth certificate (of the child) and picture I.D. (of the parent) are required.

Fire Report with a Casualty:

In order to obtain a fire report with casualty information included, the above mentioned documents are required for the medical record.

Step # 3 – Send applicable documents to AFR's Records Management Services

Send the signed Records Request Form. If a medical report is requested, please also send the signed Patient Request for Access to Protected Health Information Release Form.

Send the form(s) and applicable documents by mail or in person to:

Records Management Division, Albuquerque Fire Rescue
7520 Corona Ave NE
Albuquerque, N.M. 87113

Telephone: 505-764-6333
Email: [email protected]

**If sending by mail, fax, or email: applicable documents must be signed and notarized.