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About Albuquerque Fire Rescue

Albuquerque Fire Rescue is a paid municipal department, of more than 760 uniformed personnel who serve a jurisdiction of more than 189 square miles and an estimated city population of 558,000 and greater metropolitan area population is estimated at 909,906.

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We Are One of the Busiest Fire Departments in the Country

AFR responded to 97,404 calls in 2023, making this department one of the busiest in the nation. Albuquerque Fire Rescue, established June 1, 1900, has the highest possible rating, Class 1, from the Insurance Service Office. AFR has 22 fire stations, 760 full-time firefighters and 39 civilian personnel.

The expectations of AFR have remained consistent in the face of ever-increasing call volume and the perpetual broadening scope of our service to the community with Albuquerque's explosive growth.

Our Firefighters Respond with Unparalleled Service

Our Firefighters respond with unparalleled service – we protect the lives and property of those in our community. Current and future generations of firefighters are duty-bound to uphold the level of public trust we created through experience and professionalism.

Our Expectations Have Increased

We are a progressive and innovative department, adapting to meet the service demands of our community. The scope of saving lives and property has transformed and increased. In addition to fire suppression, the Albuquerque Fire Rescue of today provides emergency medical services, emergency dispatch services, fire prevention, arson investigation, special operations response, community paramedicine, and public education. Every action we take is intended to prepare to deliver service to people who may be facing the worst day of their lives. What becomes routine for us, is often a once in a lifetime event for them.

The hazards that firefighters encounter daily have changed just as significantly as expectations. Lightweight building construction, fire and smoke behavior, blood and air-borne pathogens, distracted and inattentive drivers, and an alarming rise in cancers diagnoses have changed the fire service workplace environment. It is more dangerous than ever to serve as a firefighter. Through training, education, experience, and dedication, Albuquerque Firefighters continue to demonstrate constant professionalism in addressing these concerns both proactively and as they occur.

We Are Specialized

Over one-third of our fire stations require Firefighters with specialized training. This includes our five Wildland Task Force stations, two Hazardous Materials Task Force stations, and one Technical Rescue Task Force station. Whether it’s a medical emergency in your home or at your place of work, a lost hiker in the foothills or a child swept down arroyo from a flash flood we are ready to respond.  Our Firefighters are trained to handle hazardous materials spills and leaks, confined space rescues, vehicle extrication, and rope rescues.  A Bosque fire threatening homes or a raging structure fire with people still inside – it is the members of the Albuquerque Fire Rescue who respond. We are the all-hazards response agency for this community. Saving lives and protecting property is what we do…we are Firefighters, and we never stop!