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Civic Engagement Manager

Information about Civic Engagement Manager Zoe Otero Martinez.

Zoe Otero Martinez.

Civic Engagement Manager Zoe Otero Martinez

Zoé Otero-Martinez boasts over two decades of impactful service in New Mexico's non-profit realm. Zoé specializes in cultivating connections that drive impactful strategies. Her expertise spans consortium building, program management, fundraising, and comprehensive program awareness and outreach. With an unshakeable commitment to social justice and community welfare, Zoé enjoys collaborating with organizations that have shared values and passion for community.  By harnessing human-centered design principles, she has pioneered innovative solutions to address societal challenges.

Zoé holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Family Studies from the University of New Mexico, underpinning her belief that family wellness serves as the cornerstone of community health and fosters positive change.  Zoé is a dedicated mother, wife, daughter and New Mexican. 

In her current role as Civic Engagement Manager for the City of Albuquerque, Zoé directs her expertise towards four pivotal focus areas: volunteer engagement, education partnerships, community conversations, and non-profit and philanthropic initiatives. Her holistic approach acknowledges the profound connection between civic engagement and family well-being, recognizing that robust community involvement and dialogue are fundamental to fostering thriving, resilient families and communities.