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Welcome to 'One ABQ & You: Conversations, Culture & Community'

A Podcast Featuring Mayor Tim Keller of Albuquerque & Co-host Leah Black.

Celebrate the city we love, and the people and places that make it so special. Hear personal stories, connect with community leaders, and explore topics on local business, art, family and culture. One ABQ & You – because the promise of ABQ includes “You.”

Mayor Tim Keller, seen center, and Leah Black, seen right, and a podcast guest, seen left, sit at a triangular black table. Mayor Keller is speaking and the other two individuals are listening. All are wearing black headphones and have microphones in front of them. Small portions of the studio camera equipment can be seen in the edges of the frame on the left and right.
Mayor Tim Keller and an older woman, the guest on the podcast, engaged in conversation on a recent episode of the One ABQ & You Podcast. Both individuals are seated at a triangular gray table and have microphones in front of them.

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Season 1 Episode Links

Missed an episode? Catch up with previous episodes using the links below.

Episode 1 - Welcome

Episode 1 transcript

Premiere episode of the informative podcast celebrating the promise of Albuquerque, NM. Mayor Tim Keller and co-host Leah Black set the tone for the series by giving us a glimpse into the Duke City’s colorful past and insight into its promising future. All that, and a Balloon Fiesta recap.

Episode 2 - Matt Whelan

On our second episode, meet Albuquerque’s Deputy CAO, hear about his unconventional career path, and discover how destiny delivered him to the Duke City. Also, dig into ABQ’s award-winning dog parks and catch the inspiration behind “Talking Trash Tuesdays.”

Episode 3 - Victoria Van Dame

Victoria Van Dame. Mover, shaker, creative force, and self-proclaimed “Mayor of Downtown” joins the conversation as we revel in the renaissance of one of our city’s most happening neighborhoods

Episode 4 - Josh "Pitbull" Torres

Josh “Pitbull” Torres - Step into the ring with a true local sports hero. Boxer, barber, South Valley native Josh Torres tells us why no belt or title is as important as being a champion for the people of Albuquerque.

Episode 5 - Richard Farmer

Richard Farmer – Take a look at the local film scene through the lens of the award-winning director whose “Inspirado” production company is making media magic right here in ABQ. Also, a preview of the NM Media Academy and what it means for local talent and industry.

Episode 6 - Eva Encinias

Eva Encinias – Teacher, dancer, trailblazer, and defining figure in ABQ’s confluence of cultures, Enciñias has transformed our city into the national epicenter of flamenco.  Meet the 2022 NEA National Heritage Fellow who hosts the dance’s largest festival in the world outside of Spain, right here in the Duke City. Ole!

Episode 7 - Mark Baker

Mark Baker – Meet one of ABQ’s most active advocates for an exciting and fun Downtown. From 505 Food Hall and Humble Coffee, to the reimagining of Villa Agave and the exceptional aesthetics of his architecture, Baker’s vibe is vibrancy.

Episode 8 - Marc Quiñones

Marc Quiñones – What sounds tastier than talking about the ABQ food scene with the executive chef of Hotel Chaco’s Level5? Take your seat at the table with award-winning celebrity chef Marc Quiñones and hear his multi-course food journey from the Bronx, to getting fired at Taco Bell, to Le Cordon Bleu, to competing on the Food Network. Bon appetite! 

Episode 9 - Rita Powdrell

Rita Powdrell – There are few people who have done more to chronical and educate on New Mexico’s rich and compelling Black History. From co-founding the Griot Society and the important exhibitions it generated, to serving as executive director of the African American Museum and Cultural Center of NM, to bringing us the Albuquerque institution “Mr. Powdrell’s Barbeque House”, Rita Powdrell is one of this city’s true living legends. 

Episode 10 - Pastor Joanne Landry

Pastor Joanne Landry – When it comes to helping the unhoused of Albuquerque’s International District, Pastor Joanne walks the walk. As founder/director of Compassion Services ABQ, and lead pastor of the Interfaith Bible Center, Pastor Landry offers beds, respite, recovery and a ray of hope to the community she tirelessness serves. Hear how it all got started, and how transformed into the inspiring beacon it has become today, on this important episode.

Episode 11 - Roman Barham

Roman Barham – Metal taps into New Mexico’s innate spirit of rebellion like nothing else. Drummer, promoter, and rock ‘n roll die hard Roman Barham has been a pillar in the Albuquerque music community for over 20 years, making sure local bands have a venue to play in, and big-time touring bands have a proper taste of ABQ flavor. Join Roman and our own Metal Mayor as they discuss the Duke City music scene, and all things HEAVY.

Episode 12 - Mariela Ruiz-Angel

Mariela Ruiz-Angel – Albuquerque Community Safety (ACS) is an example of this city’s innovation at its finest.  A third branch of public safety, separate from police and fire, that responds to mental and behavioral health calls where connecting folks to resources is the right response. Meet the original director of ACS, the public safety department that has caught the attention of the nation, becoming a model for other cities across the country.

Episode 13 - Representative Melanie Stansbury

Representative Melanie Stansbury – From her early days growing up in Albuquerque’s North Valley and Westside, to representing New Mexico’s 1st congressional district on Capitol Hill, hear Representative Melanie Stansbury’s incredible journey as she sits down for a conversation with Mayor Tim Keller and co-host Leah Black.

Episode 13 - Shannon Fleg

Shannon Fleg – Join Mayor and Leah for an illuminating conversation with Shannon Fleg, co-founder of the Native Health Initiative. Shannon is a passionate advocate for health equity and social justice in Albuquerque’s Native American community.