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Reimagining Policing

Information about Reimagining Policing.

A JPG of AFR, APD, and Reimagine Policing logos.

Mayor Tim Keller’s Administration is reimagining policing and taking bold action on the toughest issues in our community. We are carving our own path for Albuquerque by fighting crime from all sides and working towards meaningful, lasting reforms to make our city safer for everyone. From creating a first of its kind community safety department to restorative justice solutions, we’re sending the right response at the right time. Learn more about Mayor Tim Keller's Crime Strategy.


An icon of a flow chart and a grey divider line to the right. Albuquerque Community Safety Department (ACS)

  • Third branch of the City’s first responder system: Police, Fire, and Community Safety.
  • Cabinet-level department responding to calls on inebriation, homelessness, addiction, and mental health.
  • ACS first responders will be trained professionals such as social workers, housing and homelessness specialists, diversion program experts, peer support specialists, and community workers.
  • Learn more about ACS.

An icon of a police badge with a star inside and a grey divider line to the right. Superintendent of Police Reform

  • New, innovative position created by the Keller Administration with Sylvester Stanley appointed as Interim Superintendent to build the role.
  • Directly oversees all Academy operations including cadet training, continuous education, and development of innovative curriculum.
  • Reduce the impact of police on communities of color and low-income and directly oversees all internal affairs matters, with the final say on police disciplinary matters.

An icon of a hand print and a grey divider line to the right. Violence Intervention Program (VIP)

  • Innovative effort to proactively interrupt the cycle of violent crime in Albuquerque.
  • Partnership system that includes law enforcement, prosecutors and social service and community providers to address and reduce violent crime.
  • The VIP team is working successfully with 115 individuals to change their course and prevent further gun violence.
  • Learn more about VIP

An icon of 5 people holding hands and jumping and a grey divider line to the right. Rapid Accountability Diversion (RAD)

A police officer in uniform drinking coffee with a coffee shop worker.

  • Designed to end the pipeline that escalates first time offenders into lifelong criminals.
  • Supports qualified, low-level, infrequent offenders, including youth, giving them the opportunity to participate in rehabilitative programs.

An icon of a paper with graphs on it and a circle with a check over the bottom left and a grey divider line to the right. 8 Can’t Wait

Albuquerque Police Department policies meet six of “8 Can’t Wait” reform priorities; address two other priorities:

✓ Requires de-escalation
✓ Use of force continuum
✓ Bans chokeholds and strangleholds
✓ Require warning before shooting
✓ Duty to intervene
✓ Comprehensive reporting
* Addresses shooting at moving vehicle
* Exhaust all alternatives

A PNG of Book Icon. Ethical Policing Is Courageous (EPIC)

  • Peer intervention training for police officers to promote a culture of high-quality and ethical policing.
  • Teaches officers how to intervene to stop a wrongful action before it happens.
  • Program focuses on preventing use of force through “hands-on scenarios” and role playing demonstrations to teach officers how to de-escalate.

An icon of a bicycle and a grey divider line to the right. Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO Downtown)

  • The Downtown Public Safety District is committed to community policing.
  • Officers walk, bike and drive the streets and alleys of the core downtown, getting to know business owners, residents, office workers, service providers and people on the streets.
  • Learn more about Public Safety ECHO.

An icon of a dark hand and a light hand shaking and a grey divider line to the right. Ambassador Program

  • The Ambassador Program created by APD’s newly appointed Chief of Police Harold Medina, with training support from the Office of Equity and Inclusion.
  • Program creates clear, consistent lines of communication with different groups within the community who haven’t had a voice with the police.
  • Learn more about APD's Ambassador Program.

An icon of a hand holding a house with a heart on it and a grey divider line to the right. Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview

  • APD Sex Crimes detectives are trained to conduct trauma informed interviews to be better equipped to support survivors through this process.
  • Provides a trauma based interviewing skill and understanding to investigators of serious crimes.