Botanic Garden

Welcome to the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden

flower and butterfly

The Botanic Garden is open. 

Check here for the latest reopening information.

Explore more than 1.5 miles of paths through formal and whimsical gardens designed to delight your senses.

The Travel Channel cites ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden as one of the top 12 in the country!

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ABQ BioPark Reopening Updates

All facilities are open. Masks are optional for fully vaccinated BioPark guests. If you are not fully vaccinated, please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

ABQ BioPark Gives Seal Update

Dr. Erin Flynn discusses the seals backstage at the ABQ BioPark, including acclimating to a new habitat, training and the loss of a member of our seal family.


Learn about hummingbirds and learn how to make healthy nectar for these tiny feathered pollinators.

Facility Closure Update

The City of Albuquerque will be extending facility closures, event cancellations and similar COVID-related changes through May 15 or later

Meet the Penguins

Today, the ABQ BioPark formally introduced the public to the Penguin Chill exhibit. Get to know its residents!