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Shop Smart

Be a Smart Consumer

Every dollar you spend is a vote for the product, company and their practices. Does your spending support the causes and protect the resources that you care about?

Be a smart consumer and support companies that have responsible environmental policies.

Palm Oil

Look for sustainable palm oil to protect orangutan habitat.

Forest Products

Choose paper, wood and other forest products that have recycled content or come from resposibly farmed forests. Find out more from the Forest Stewardship Council.


Empty Oceans = Empty Plates

Seafood is delicious--flaky fish filets, buttery crab legs or perfectly seasoned scallops.  Humans, especially groups who live near coasts, depend on the oceans for food.  We have been fishing successfully for thousands of years. But the ocean's bounty is disappearing.

Threats facing ocean species:

  • Overfishing - Today's technology allows us to fish for more fish than ever, and we are depleting wild populations.
  • Habitat Destruction - Some fishing equipment drags across the ocean floor, destroying reefs and other habitat.
  • Illegal Fishing - Even when species are protected, poachers will target valuable species.
  • By-Catch - Non-food species, like sea turtles and dolphins, are at risk due to unselective fishing practices.  The bycatch is discarded, and most animals will not survive.
  • Management - Good fisheries management can be a key to success.  For example, we can create Marine Protected Areas, which will function as sanctuaries for ocean species.

Our Actions Matter

Choose Sustainable Seafood

Use resources like the Seafood Watch program and Marine Stewardship Council to make ocean-friendly choices at restaurants and stores. Look for the emblem from the Global Seafood Alliance which certifies commercial fish and shrimp farms.

Spread the Word

Gather friends and join us for the Sustainable Seafood Festival at the BioPark to learn more.  Enjoy delicious seafood dishes, music and more as you learn more about the issues and solutions.

Recipes from the Rock the Boat Sustainable Seafood Festival

Enjoy these delicious entries into the Rock the Boat recipe contest, from some of Albuquerque's best restaurants!