Transportation Development Section

Learn about the section responsible for transportation development and other important duties.

What We Do

This section reviews and comments on site plans, annexations, and sector plans that are requesting Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) approvals and site plans that are requesting Landmarks and Urban Conservation Commission approvals. Driveway permits and demolition permits are also approved by the Transportation Development section.

Along with the duties above, the Transportation Development Section reviews, comments on and approves all traffic impact studies that are required due to development. The section manager is a member of the Development Review Board approving all platting actions that take place within the City along with signing off the EPC approved site plan for subdivisions, site plan for building permits, and sector development plans.

How We Serve You

Our staff can assist with any questions related to approvals, reviews or permits for any of the areas handled by this section. 


All Transportation Development Section submissions should include the following form:

Contact Us

For Transportation Development Section quesitons, please contact the Section Manager at (505) 924-3991.