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"Trail Writers" - Meet CABQ's Bicycle Trail Guides

Learn more about Albuquerque's vast and colorful trail system. Pick a trail and follow along with the authors for a unique experience in and around the Duke City.

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Author Biographies

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Bike Guide Authors

We regret to inform the public that one of our trail writers, Marshall Kovitz, has passed. He will be missed :View Obituary

Read about these vast and diverse trails that wind their way in and out of the lives of everyday people.

Ride along with our authors as they explore little known historic treasures at the University of New Mexico and marvel at the "Darth Vader" Building and "Frito Lay" Tree.

These guides are a must for any bicyclist or trail user.

The authors of the guide and the Parks and Recreation Department encourage all trail users to respect every trail user, regardless of activity. Thank you!

"I just started road biking again after a 20+ year hiatus and have only lived in ABQ for 3 years. I really am excited to try all of the bike tours on the website. Thanks so much for making ABQ a really bikeable/bike friendly city and keep up the good work!" Jennie - Albuquerque

 Learn about each trail here:

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