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Heights Summerfest


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Heights Summerfest 2015!

Save the date! Your favorite way to spend a summer night is back! Heights Summerfest will be returning to North Domingo Baca Park on Saturday, June 13, 2015.

National Headliner: SMASH MOUTH

"We've got so many hits on this new record it's ridiculous" says Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell. Harwell oughta know a thing or two about hit songs. His band has charted more hits than a World War || battleship. Smash Mouth, the band that's given you such memorable songs as "All-Star," "Walkin' on the Sun," "Then the Morning Comes," and "I'm a Believer," is back for more season-of-the-sun fun with their vibrant new CD "MAGIC". caption:

"MAGIC" is a no-holds-barred party from start to finish. First-listen gems such as "Flippin' Out" and "Magic" jump out at you like a barrel full of monkeys. Both these songs also feature young super talent J. Dash. The dynamic 25-year old wunderkind was a long-time Smash Mouth fan when he was tapped to sprinkle a little "magic" on these tracks.

So get ready for a "MAGIC"-al year! We all know Smash Mouth is the ultimate summertime party band...And with jumpin' songs like “Magic,” "Flippin' Out," and "The Game," Smash Mouth's new CD "MAGIC" is the perfect soundtrack for your year 'round fun in the sun baby.

Countdown to Overkill

Countdown to Overkill has been rocking the Rio Rancho and Albuquerque area since 2caption:009. They have won Battles of the Bands in both cities and are making quite a name for themselves. They have played many special events in Rio Rancho including: Juneteenth, The 4th of July show, The Pork & Brew, and many other smaller local gigs.

Working hard on their music, choreography, and energy, their name has spread like wildfire in the area. Countdown To Overkill wants to make sure that every show they play is filled with tons of energy and lights to keep you engaged and moving throughout the entire show.


Youngsville is the name of a one street town in northern New Mexico. An old, quiet town where the Grandfather of Carlos, singer for the band Youngsville, was born. Youngsvcaption:ille’s music is a blend of pop-rock, rollicking country and a little of that southwestern spice we all crave. They are full of spry foot-stomping tunes and earnest love songs, with matter-of-fact lyrics bound to make you smile. Youngsville is always playing something fun, exciting, and occasionally: unexpected! All in all, Youngsville is a band about having a good time and enjoying the music they bring to the stage.

Vendor Information

All interested vendors are encouraged to submit an application. Applications will be accepted until May 1, 2015. The application for food can be found here. The application to be a market vendor can be found here.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!



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