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PDV Agenda 11/12/13
Agenda for the PDV Steering Committee Meeting on 11/12/13
PDV Agenda 1/15/14
Agenda for the PDV Steering Committee on 1/15/2014
PDV ROW Status of Acquisition
Handout from NMDOT for the PDV Steering Committee Meeting 1/15
PDV Sample Resolution
Sample Resolution for the PDV Steering Committee Members to consider adopting. Handout for the 1/15 meeting.
PDV Agenda 4/4/2014
Agenda for 4/4 Steering Committee Meeting
Minutes 1/15/14
PDV Steering Committee Minutes from 1/15/14
Draft Scope of Work for Site Selection Assessment
Draft language for scope of work for PDV site selection assessment.
Findings for PDV RFP
Background information and findings for the draft RFP.
Map of Acquisition Status 4/4/2014
Handout that gives a status update of the acquisition status.
Presentation Regarding Funding and Financing
Presentation made by Parsons Brinckerhoff at the Paseo del Volcan 4/4/2014 steering committee meeting.
Wadley Donovan study of NM’s competitiveness for business
SC Minutes 4/4
Steering Committee Minutes from the 4/4/14 meeting
Paseo del Volcan Agenda 6272014
Paseo del Volcan Agenda 6272014
Meeting Minutes 6/27
Meeting Minutes 6/27
WALH and Ranch Presentation
WALH and Ranch Presentation 6/27 PDV Steering Committee Meeting
Double Eagle II Presentation
Double Eagle II Presentation from Paseo del Volcan steering committee meeting 6/27
Open Space Presentation
Open Space Presentation from Paseo del Volcan Steering Commmittee Meeting 6/27
Summary Presentation - Steering Committee
Nov 7, 2014 presentation made to steering committee re: economic opportunity analyses and implementation strategy
PdV Brochure
Final brochure for distribution
Final Report - Analysis of Economic Development Opportunities
Paseo del Volcan Final Report with technical appendices
PDV Next Steps
Handout at 11/7/14 steering committee meeting
PdV minutes 11/7/2014
Minutes from final steering committee meeting
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