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Old Town Virtual Task Force

Information about the Old Town Virtual Task Force.

Outdoor Demonstrations

Complete the online form about outdoor demonstrations in Old Town.

Deadline is June 25, 2018.


Councilor Isaac Benton and Planning Director David Campbell have convened a task force to make recommendations for changes to zoning regulations in Old Town, specifically those related to:

  1. Outdoor displays,
  2. Signage, and
  3. Outdoor demonstrations.


At a public meeting held on March 20, 2018, to address zoning regulations and code enforcement in the Old Town Historic Zone, merchants and property owners in Old Town expressed a desire to make recommendations for amending zoning regulations.

Particular concern was expressed with regard to existing regulations on signage and outdoor displays.


In order to maximize participation as well as reduce the amount of time required to complete the work, the task force will be "virtual." All activities will be conducted online and all property owners, merchants, and residents are invited to participate.

While each task will have a deadline, participation will not require attendance at meetings and can occur on each individual’s own time and according to their interest in each task.

Considered to be an advisory body (not a decision making body), the requirements outlined in the Open Meetings Act do not apply.

Study Materials

  • This website will provide access to a series of information and input sessions/tasks.
  • Each session will highlight particular provisions in the Integrated Development Ordinance that participants will be asked to review and provide input on. There will be a series of questions, developed by City Council and Code Enforcement staff, to gather specific information, as well as an opportunity to submit general comments and specific recommendations.

Information Sessions & Topic

  • Outdoor Displays
  • Signage
  • Outdoor Demonstrations
  • Other Issues for Future Consideration

Workflow & Tasks

For each topic, there will be two tasks. In general, there will be a one-week deadline for participating in a given task from the time the task is made available online.

Task 1

Participants will have the opportunity to review current language in the zoning code related to a single topic at a time and to provide input on how these regulations might be amended. This information review and input will include a series of questions that can be submitted along with comments and recommendations through an online form. Council and Code Enforcement staff will consolidate this input to post online.

Task 2

Participants will be asked to review and rate the recommendations that were submitted in the previous task. The recommendations will be posted on the webpage, where participants may rank their support of each recommendation on a scale of 1-10 and also submit comments through an online form. Results of this ranking will subsequently be posted on the website.

To complete both tasks for all four topics, we anticipate a timeline of approximately 8 weeks.

Role of City Council & Code Enforcement Staff

City Council and Code Enforcement staff will be responsible for collecting all of the input received from participating members from each information session and reporting it back to the group as a whole. This will involve compiling all of the responses into Microsoft Excel and identifying where there is consensus among participating members and where there are differences.