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Online Business Services

Business services information for vendors, invoices, licenses, permits, planning, inspection, codes, and construction that can be found online.

Doing Business in Albuquerque

Pay a Bill
Pay a bill for Bag Meter Payment, Building Permits, Business Registrations, Code Enforcement Permits, & Planning Applications, business registration, barricade / excavation permit, Health Permits, Air Quality Permits and Fees, Vehicle Pollution Fees, Liquor Permit, Lodger’s Tax, Hospitality Fees, Miscellaneous Invoice Payment, pawn permit,

Business Registration & Renewals
Register and pay fees right from your computer or mobile device.

Food Establishments
Albuquerque Environmental Health Department Construction Services reviews plans for compliance.

New Food Business Owners
Information for New Food Business Owners.

Restaurant Inspection
Information about restaurant inspections and inspection results.

Temporary Food Vendor
Any person distributing food to the public outside of a permanently permitted facility must obtain a temporary food permit. Depending on the type of food distributed and type of event associated, there may be different requirements.

Right-of-Way Activities & Permit Applications
The Construction Coordination Section of the Construction Services pision organizes most activities conducted in public right-of-way, including issuing excavation/barricade permits, inspecting all barricaded sites, and distributing traffic bulletins to media outlets.

Code Enforcement & Zoning
Cannabis Cultivation, Odor Control, Retail Location Information, Integrated Development Ordinance, Uniform Housing Code, Weed & Anti-Litter Ordinance, Problematic Properties Program.

Code Enforcement Permits
submit applications, request a site inspection or report a possible code violation, upload plans, review comments, make payments and track your application through the approval process online.

Building Safety Permits
Apply for a building or construction trade permit with the Building Safety pision online.

Film Permit
The City of Albuquerque’s Film Permitting Process is designed to make recommendations and establish guidelines for activities based on city ordinances, requirements and regulations for activities hosted by citizens, businesses and organizations.

Cannabis Retail Locations
Online applications for cannabis retail locations.

City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department
Why Albuquerque, Business Development, Small Business Development, International Business Development, Workforce Development, Albuquerque Film Office, Creative Economy + Tourism, and Economic Development Boards.

Bag Meter Request
The Parking pision requires a 24 hour notice to reserve the meters.

Pool Establishments
The City of Albuquerque Swimming Pool Ordinance regulates the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of public swimming pools.

Air Care Inspector Training
The Vehicle Pollution Management pision (VPMD) is offering a new recertification training platform.

Pool Operator Training
To assist the owners or operators of public swimming pools and spas obtain the required training, the New Mexico Environment Department has prepared a list of certification training providers and their contact information.

Doing Business with Albuquerque

How To Become A Vendor
Documents that can help you do business with the City.

Vendor Services
Access competitive solicitations online, free vendor solicitation notification registration, get information about your payments. Track your invoices and manage direct deposit payments, find the right people to contact based on your needs, and browse instructions to help you work with the City.

Purchasing Division
The Purchasing Division is responsible for issuing and tracking solicitations, contracts, purchase orders, and price agreements.

Invoice Tracking
Online information for vendors on paid and unpaid invoices.

Vendors interested in participating in the City of Albuquerque's procurement process may now review, download, and print any of the currently available Requests for Quotes (RFQs), Requests for Bids (RFBs), Request for Proposals (RFPs) online at this website for free.

Email Notification for All Solicitations
Get mail notification every time a request for quotes (RFQ), request for bids (RFB), request for proposals (RFP), an addendum or a Recommendation of Award (ROA) is posted on this website.

Vendor Search
Use the Vendor Search to locate new vendor number.

What We Buy
Public report of what the City purchases.





Leads Online ~ Pawned/Stolen Property

The Albuquerque Police Department uses LeadsOnline as a method of tracking and recovering stolen property sold to businesses (pawn shops, metal recyclers, second hand stores, etc) throughout the city.

Online Police Report

File a police report in Albuquerque.Using this online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report immediately and print a copy of the police report for free.You can use online citizen reporting for the following crimes: Lost Property, Vandalism, Vandalism of a Vehicle, Theft / Larceny, Auto Burglary, Telephone Harassment