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Air Care Inspector

Please see bottom of page on how to become an inspector if not currently an inspector.

Current Air Care Inspectors

Air Care Inspector Recertification Online Training.

The Vehicle Pollution Management Division (VPMD) is offering a new recertification training platform:

Step 1: Inspector will go to Air Care Inspector Recertification Online Training (on computer, tablet or smartphone) to complete the online application/training module.

Step 2: Once complete with Step 1, Inspector will visit VPMD to perform Overt Audit and complete the recertification process.

A few additional notes about the new system.

  • The training is accessible to anyone but must be a currently certified inspector within 60 days of expiration and no more than 90 days passed expiration date for the training to count towards recertification.
  • The training is only good for recertification, not Initial Inspector Training.
  • At the completion of Step 1, there is a module to schedule an appointment for the Step 2 Visit to VPMD. This is highly recommended and will help ensure that inspectors who schedule an appointment will not have to wait in line when they arrive at VPMD.
  • VPMD will also offer computer workstation (at VPMD) that can be used for completing Step 1, for individuals that do not have computer access.


Additional Resources for Current Air Care Inspectors

Air Care Inspector Reference Manual

Inspector Request for Station Emissions Access

EPA Catalytic Converter Replacement Information

General Knowledge on Catalysts

Become an Air Care Inspector

For new Inspectors, a two-part initial training course is required. The first part is online and available in the link below. The second part is a one day in-person practical training on the emission analyzer units at VPMD. Complete the application and online course below to begin the training.

New Inspector Application