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How to reach the Air Quality Program at the City of Albuquerque.

Looking for the Air Board?

The Air Quality Control Board is separate from the Air Quality Program. The Air Board creates regulations and hears appeals on air quality permits.

Contact the Air Board

Below is a list of Air Quality Program contacts and email addresses.

If you have a general question or do not know who to contact you may contact [email protected] and your email will be forwarded to the proper personnel.

Protection Programs, Air Quality Program

Program Name Email
Environmental Health Director Ryan Mast [email protected]
Environmental Health Deputy Director Mara Burstein [email protected]
Air Quality Permitting Isreal Tavarez [email protected]
Air Quality Permits (Source Registration, Authority-to-Construct, Title V, NSR, PSD) Regan Eyerman [email protected]
Air Dispersion Modeling Jeff Stonesifer [email protected]
Air Pollution Forecasting Programs Jeff Stonesifer [email protected]
Open Burn/Prescribed Burn Permits Jeff Stonesifer [email protected]
Winter Advisory No-Burn Calls Jeff Stonesifer [email protected]
Annual Billing and Permit Fees Sandy Renfro [email protected]
Air Quality Enforcement/Inspection Section Jon Lutz [email protected]
Asbestos Removal Notifications & Demolition/Renovation Troy Descheneau [email protected]
Air Quality Service Requests/Complaints dial 311 on your phone  
Fugitive Dust Permits (Construction and Programmatic) or Dust Issues Tony Romero [email protected]
Winter No-Burn Exemptions Tony Romero [email protected]
Air Quality Compliance Section Brenard Beamon [email protected]
Regulatory Compliance Brenard Beamon [email protected]
Industrial Breakdowns/Malfunction Notification Brenard Beamon [email protected]

Assurance Programs, Air Quality Program

Program Name Email
Air Board Issues Dario Rocha [email protected]
Control Strategies Dario Rocha [email protected]
Air Monitoring Network Dwayne Salisbury [email protected]
Data Analysis Dan Gates [email protected]
Pollen Program Dan Gates [email protected]
Business Assistance Angela Lopez [email protected]
Indoor Air Quality   [email protected]
Data Requests Online data is available at: Online Air Quality Monitoring Data